WL//WH Top 12 ‘Video of the Day’ 2019

Top 12 ‘Video of the Day’ 2019

Amazing DIY music videos from around the world made 2019 a memorable year. The amount of creative talent, time, and undying effort put into the work highlighted in WL//WH’s “Video of the Day” make writing these articles more than fulfilling. Thanks to all the artists I was lucky enough to get to know through writing this year, I look forward to many more! 

  • JANUARY: PRINZESSIN “Trial & Error” created by Stigmate Noir

  • FEBRUARY: TOTEM “Figment” filmed & directed by: Sally Dige // Sanne De Neige // Trina Echidna

  • MARCH: GLUME “Human Touch” directed/shot/edited by Gabriel Alan Gallant

  • APRIL: PAAR “Syn” directed by Sebastian Dominic Auer (Das Diktat)

  • MAY: LEBEND “By Your Side” (self released)

  • JULY: MALA HERBA “Wszystko marność / Omnia Vanitas” (self released)

  • AUGUST: GAARDEN “Shiny Day” (self released)

  • NOVEMBER: RAIN TO RUST “Time And Time Again” shot & edited by Mert Yıldız feat. Saba Arat

  • DECEMBER: BELADRONE “El Valle” directed by Francisco Arenas e Iñaki García feat. Adriana Schlittler Kausch, José Espín e Inés Olalla.