WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Shoegaze / Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #24


  • Russian new wave/indie-pop duo based in Yekaterinburg, Группа СОВА — ‘Небо / Sky’ new single                 

Beautifully nostalgic and romantic sparkling guitar melodies build an intense crispy aura of underlying isolation and anxiety, fueled by resonant sinuous bleak basslines, and dramatic heartfelt dual vocals to build an addictive emotion-drenched pop tune uncoiling on a shimmering pathway of wondrous melancholy. Superb new single by Yekaterinburg‘s duet.

  • South Texas dream pop/shoegaze DIY project of Gilbert Godoy, aka  FUN WITH ETHER “Roselle” new single

South Texas DIY one-man-band returns with a hazy shoegaze daze that blooms with shimmering reverb-drenched guitar strums over deep sinuous hearty bass melodies, infused with lithe rhythms and humming waves of nervous vocalizations, shrouded in spacious icy flows of wistful glimmering synth, floating high in angsty bliss.

  • Göteborg, Sweden indie/dream pop 4-piece BOY WITH APPLE “Green Eyes” new single on VÅRØ

New delicious single by Göteborg‘s that uncoils arrhythmic drums, hearty sinuous deep bassline, glistening guitar chords awash by flashing icily glowing cold sweeps of synth melodies to instill rarefied layers of frosty sadness and dreamlike melancholy that unwind around Lush-esque sweet vocal harmonies suffused in reverberated haze, to create an aura of ethereal wooziness softly kissed by swelling euphoric raptures.

  • Early ’90s Spanish ethereal/indie-pop/dreampop/shoegaze band from Salamanca, Bélver Yin “Relatos de Praga” from “Luz Bel” (instrumental 1991‘s debut LP originally on Noisex Music) upcoming vinyl reissue via Melbourne’s Efficient Space
  • Netherlands-based, kosmische guitar psych magick/sonic raga trips/melodic mantras/esoteric electronica project by former Dandelion Adventure British multi-instrumentalist Ajay Saggar (King Champion Sounds and Deutsche Ashram), aka Bhajan Bhoy “Cascade (featuring Holly Habstritt Gaal)” from the new LP “Bless Bless”
  • Rugby, UK experimental/psychedelic/drone/modular synth producer Peter Kember (Spectrum, Spacemen 3), aka SONIC BOOM “Tawkin Tekno” from “All Things Being Equal” on Carpark
  • Chicago, IL instrumental/shoegaze/dream pop duo Pale Coast “Atoll”                                                                   
  • Melbourne, Australia baroque/psych-pop quartet lead by former Minimum Chips’ Nicole Thibault, THIBAULT “Centrelink” first single from the upcoming album “Or Not Thibault” due Sep 4 on pink+black vinyl and digital via Chapter Music
  • Chicago indie/shoegaze/guitar rock band Cassettes on Tape “Mineral” new single
  • Copenhagen-based, Danish/Aussie jangle psych-pop duo of Caspar Hesselager & Carl Coleman, aka Palace Winter “Top of the Hill (feat. Lowly)” from the upcoming album “…Keep Dreaming, Buddy” via Tambourhinoceros
  • Russian indie/dream pop project based in Yekaterinburg, Бужба [Buzhba] “Все слова” from “Веселые риффы”
  • Moscow based via the Russian Far East indie/shoegaze/dream pop duo of Masha Shurygina and Egor Berdnikov, aka Mashmellow “Heaven is You” from the upcoming “Someday Club” (EP)
  • Montreal, Québec DIY indie-pop LIZZY “Middle Child” new single
  • Australian indie/psychedelic/dream-pop solo project of Melbourne based Nick Sowersby, aka Sunbeam Sound Machine “Worry Wart” new single on Remote Control
  • Stockholm based shoegaze/dream pop 4-piece Star Horse “Slower Now” from the album “No Memories Before This” previously released and available songs from 2012-2015 on Ltd. vinyl 12″ via Startracks
  • Hamilton, Canada experimental shoegaze solo project Zoongideewin “Vibrant Colours” from upcoming LP “Bleached Wavves” on Paper Bag Records
  • Brooklyn, NY indie-pop band BEACH FOSSILS “Silver Tongue” off upcoming V/A ‘Curve it in Peace: A Bayonet Records Compilation’                                                                                                                                                      
  • New Zealand indie-pop band formed in Auckland, active from the latter half of the 1980s onward, Dead Famous People “Goddess of Chill” from upcoming “Harry” album on Fire Records
  • Bristol, UK late ’80s/early ’90s Sarah Records affiliated dream pop/shoegaze 5-piece SECRET SHINE “Ember” new single
  • Norwegian shoegaze/indie-pop 4-piece Je Suis Animal “Painted In My Face” (off Cloudberry Rec. 7″ single) from “Painted In My Face” EP
  • South London, UK based jangle pop/dream pop 5-piece MARGOT “Walk With Me” new single on Full Time Hobby
  • Brisbane, Australia ambient/shoegaze/dream pop solo project RELAY TAPES “Dream Colour” from the debut EP “Early Morning Abstract” on Shore Dive Records
  • San Diego, Ca ambient/new wave/shoegaze/dream pop duo SATURNSHINE “Traveling Through Time” from the new EP “All The Time In The World”
  • Electronic /Dreampop /Bliss-gaze solo project of Idris Vicuña from Philippines, EYEDRESS “Can I See You Tonight?” new single from the upcoming new album ”Let’s Skip To The Wedding” on Lex Records
  • Brighton, UK surf/indie-pop/dream pop project of Max McLellan, aka Psychic Shakes “Wage Slave” new single from upcoming second EP ‘Unsaid’ on Good Eye Records
  • Philadelphia shoegaze/dream-pop/indie rock 4-piece Suburban Living “Indigo Kids” third single from the upcoming album “How To Be Human” on Egghunt Records
  • Norwegian dream pop/shoegaze 5-piece from Oslo, SWEAM “Pretend To Know” new single
  • Los Angeles jangle/dream pop side-project of Closed Tear (member of her Nura), BEACH FOAM “Tan Lejos” debut single
  • Italian lo-fi/jangle pop/dream pop DIY solo project WAKE IN JUNE “Waver // Ninja” off the new cassette album “From doing all the things in life you’d like to”
  • Linköping, Sweden jangle indie-pop 4-piece The Slow Summits “Safe and Sorry” new single                           
  • Mexico City dream/jangle/indie pop band Useless Youth “Witches” new single
  • Jakarta, Indonesia indie pop/dream-pop quartet Gizpel “309 (feat. Bin Idris)” new single out now on Kolibri Rekords
  • French dream pop/shoegaze band GARLAND “Nap” from debut EP “Laser eyes”
  • Dublin, Ireland based psychedelic garage all-girl 5-piece SEPTEMBER GIRLS “Shut Up” (The Monk cover) new charity single
  • Nice, French shoegaze/coldwave/indie rock band ASTROLAB “Paranoia” from the new album “Nothing but dust”
  • Brooklyn, NY indie rock band CAREER BOY “What’s Next?” debut single                                                                      
  • Aarhus, Danish indie rock quartet YUNG “Progress” from the “Progress” 7″ single out August 28, 2020 via PNKSLM Recordings
  • Nottingham, UK post-punk /shoegaze solo project of The Death Notes guitarist Martin Bradley, aka After Daylight “Seeing The Other Side” from the third album “Requiem For The Dying World”
  • Perth, Australia garage/dream pop/psych-pop/shoegaze band HYLA “Deserve” new single
  • Bangkok, Thailand indie rock/shoegaze/noise-pop band KUNST BKK “Road Rage” new single
  • West Kirby, UK indie/guitar rock collective West Coast Music Club “Liar” from “Greetings From Ashton Park, West Kirby” on 72RPM Records
  • Tralee, Ireland post-rock/noise pop/shoegaze 4-piece Deadbog “Vending Machine” from debut S/T EP
  • Southend, UK based fuzz loving-grungers HIGH/LOW “Monster Squad” from the new EP “Ham Grenade”
  • Toronto, Canada indie rock/grunge/shoegaze/guitar rock collaboration between Jake Lehman (Lonely Planet) and Charlie Berger (Slowly), both members of the band Tonemirror, Slow Planet “Drag” new single
  • Brooklyn, New York freak pop artist Emmett Kai “Fist Fight” from the mini-album “Freak Pop Novelty”
  • Philadelphia based grungy/indie rock pop artist SHAMIR “On My Own” new single
  • Swedish indie/shoegaze/dream pop project of Stockholm based musician Tom Serner, aka SINDY “First Cut” from upcoming EP “Hits for Kids” EP on PNKSLM Recordings
  • Vienna, Austria dream pop/synthpop artist Tony Renaissance “Nu Hvn” from debut EP “Dreamreality”
  • London, UK electronic/poetry/hip hop/dream pop/indie rock artist SOMASU “The Outside” from “8 Years” EP
  • Brighton, UK based, Dunedin indie-folk act Strathcona Public Library “In The Cities” new single
  • Moorpark, California fuzzy shoegaze/downtempo/electronic 4-piece SUSTAINS “Ether” from “The Year Of Solidarity” EP