WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips #20

Pyongyang – North Korea

Picks Of The Week:

  • Chicago‘s mutant techno/EBM/’post romantic industrial’ collaborative project by new Soft Machine label head Justin Aulis Long and Ken Zawacki, aka Circling Vultures – “Sludge” from V/A “Eye Of The Minotaur” EP on Soft Machine                                                                                                                                                              

Debut 4-track sampler from Soft Machine, the brand new label runs by Chicago born producer Justin Aulis Long brims with heartfelt passion and pulse with uncompromising energy and distinctive sonic chemistry in an intriguing and visceral mix of twisted EBM, distorted electronics, dissonant post-punk and sparse raw vocal poetry. Each track from Ciarra Black, Moze Pray, Stallone The Reducer and Circling Vultures absolutely will grab your attention.

  • UK experimental electronic producer Will Flisk “Catatonic Y (Live.)”                                                                         

From the West Studios of North Devon, UK experimentalist distils from time to time on Soundcloud amazing atmospheric, hypnotic and cinematic electronic jams.

  • London, UK based industrial/dark electronic/EBM/techno Lithuanian producer and Meta Moto label founder, EGZOTIKKA “Gabriela”                                                                                                                                             

Besides heading one of the most interesting new tape label/podcast around, ecleptic Lithuanian producer Osvaldas Egzotikka blends electro/techno/industrial/EBM/trance with riveting results, perfectly capturing the DIY spirit.  

  • New York-based dark ambient/industrial project by producer Jim Mroz, Lussuria – ”Three Knocks” title track from the new album on Hospital Productions
  • French darkwave/synthwave/dark synth producer from Paris, SIERRA “Leftover” from the new EP “Gone” on Lazerdiscs
  • Italian new wave/synthwave/electro project COSTUME “I Only See” from the album “Natural Burella” on Etrangers Musique
  • French Experimental | Drone | Ambient | dark techno producer and Larmes label head, Clarence Park ‘Never Let You Down’ from “Utopie” EP via Sofia’s DVNTT                                                                                                
  • Dublin, Ireland experimental electronic producer Gareth Smyth, aka Lumigraph – “Rokko” from upcoming V/A “Drums” on MMODEMM
  • Eastern Germany electro producer Cyan85 “Chase Your Mind” from upcoming “Bay Of Sampieri” EP on Voitax.
  • Dutch electro producer Danny Wolfers (aka Legowelt), aka GLADIO “De Astra Planeti” from the upcoming “Means to Freedom” LP out June 10th 2019 on L.I.E.S.                                                                                                   
  • Berlin-based EBM / industrial / horror techno duo of Thomas Chalandon (Templər) and Pablo Bozzi (Lapse of Reason), aka IMPERIAL BLACK UNIT “Maidan” from the new EP “Murder Under Establishment” on aufnahme + wiedergabe
  • Prague-based minimal synth/synthpop/electro DJ/producer and co-founder of Endless Illusion label LAYUP aka Exhausted Modern ”Outer Self” from the upcoming EP “Moral Discourse” on Veyl
  • South of Italy lo-fi esoteric dark techno electronics producer NATHANIEL “Dim Silver Light (original mix)” from “Bitter Teardrops” split EP with SHARPLINES on RND. Records
  • Berlin-based experimental/industrial/techno/drone project of Native Instrument’s sound designer Angelos Liaros, aka BLAKK HARBOR “Death By Drone” from the upcoming EP/mini-album “Krude”
  • US techno/acid/electro producer L.A.F. – “Untitled” from upcoming V/A “NEWUSG005” via The New U.S. Government label
  • Paris-based techno/EBM/electronic producer ???????????????? | ???????????????????????? “Sol Justitiae”
  • Greek dark techno electronic producer from Stavroupoli, Penelope’s Fiance “Our Goals Became Dreams And Our Dreams Became Fantasies”                                                                                                                                 
  • Budapest, Hungary noise techno producer Robert Sipos, aka Noisesculptor “Rolling Cubes” from “Rusty Cages” EP on Moscow’s Beryllium
  • Wien, Austrian dark synth / industrial / noise solo project ROSANEBEL “Generation Of Vipers” off of Impartial Waves Label presents V/A “Echoes from the Factory”, a compilation of sounds from all angles of the noise spectrum                                                                                                                                                                         
  • London, UK based Italian dark ambient /experimental /noise /techno producer, DJ and founder of the London collective Under My Feet, IREEN AMNES “Insurgent” from the cassette EP “Faus Nova” on Instruments Of Discipline
  • Italian dark electronics / EBM producer Antonio Barbetta (aka Antonio) from the Adriatic Coast, RAW AMBASSADOR “Invaders”                                                                                                                                          
  • San Antonio, TX based EBM/industrial/minimal electronics multidisciplinary artist Moze Pray – “No Tears For You” from V/A “Eye Of The Minotaur” EP on Chicago’s Justin Aulis Long’s new record label Soft Machine.         
  • Berlin-based Greek dark electronic techno producer Miltiadis Merentitis, (aka Miltiades) aka OUTERMOST “Mystic River” from upcoming V/A “Human Abstracts – Volume One” a collaborative compilation between Endless Illusion & Brokntoys                                                                                                                                 
  • Frankfurt am Main techno DJ/producer Luz1e – “Surge” from upcoming V/A “Elevated Jit Vol. 2” on FTP         
  • French synth-punk/coldwave duo of Timothée & Gainet Arnaud Derochefort from Lyon, POISON POINT – “Roses And Lies (Blind Delon Remix)” title track from upcoming EP on Intervision                                               
  • Hamburg’s electro producer/DJ and one half of Schulverweis, L.F.T. – “Nucleon” off upcoming 12″ EP “ZMNT 002” via Kluentah’s Zement imprint                                                                                                                         
  • Chilean electro producer and Mechatronica co-founder Daribone “Knowing The Mechanoid” from “Body Realism” EP 12″ Vinyl on Mechatronica
  • French acid/electro/techno producer La Bile “Veuillez Quitter La Zone” from upcoming “Acid Avengers 012” split EP with Cardopusher on Tripalium Corp.                                                                                                       
  • Italian experimental/ambient/techno trio The Alchemical Theory “Dark Forest” from “Circles Of Hell” EP on Norite
  • 80’s Italian Italo disco producer and vocalist Federico Di Bonaventura, aka FRED VENTURA “Technologies (Alessandro Adriani Extended Version)” from “Technologies” EP on Mannequin Records                                  
  • Spanish kraut/psych/disco/electronic artist, musician and member of the band The Fruhstucks, SUTJA GUTIERREZ – “Carousel” from the split EP “Bend Your Standards”[GW06] with Sordid Sound System via Global Warming Records
  • French electronic producer BACK FROM THE GRAVE [BFTW] – “Cosmic Dancer” from upcoming EP “Les Nuits Cosmiques” on Nein Records                                                                                                                                   
  • Paris based kraut /post-punk /electronic producer and I’m A Cliche label head Benjamin Boguet, aka Cosmo Vitelli “Die Alraune (feat. Sebastian Lee Philipp)” from upcoming EP “Holiday in Panikstrasse Part 1” on Malka Tuti                                                                                                                                                                           
  • Berlin-based electronic/deep space disco producer Acud & Beatmörtelz – “Verbrennungsmotor (Rodion Remix)” off “Verbrennungsmotor Remixes” on Keller                                                                                               
  • Swedish deep techno producer Linn Elisabet “Even my Dignity” from new EP ‘Arts Gallery 003’ on Rotterdam’s Arts sublabel Arts Gallery
  • Japanese deep techno producer/DJ Wata Igarashi “Gravity” from “Kioku” EP via The Bunker New York           
  • Brussels, Belgium experimental/ambient/electronic producer ACCOU “sans titre ,n” from upcoming album “Seulaison” out June 7th on October Tone Records, Indian Redhead, AB Records and Le Syndicat des Scorpions.
  • San Diego based UK experimental/ambient/electronic film composer, recording artist, Auxiliary label owner, James Clements aka ASC “Currents” from ” The Abyssal Plain” EP on Samurai Music
  • 80’s Italian Italo disco producer and vocalist Federico Di Bonaventura, aka FRED VENTURA “Technologies (Alessandro Adriani Extended Version)” from “Technologies” EP on Mannequin Records                       
  • Ambient/drone project of Dennis Huddleston from the UK, aka 36 “Midnight Helix” from the album “The Lower Lights” (part of a year-long ‘Audio Diary’ project) on Past Inside the Present (PITP)
  • Berlin-based Italian experimental/electro-acoustic drummer and composer Andrea Belfi “Strata” title track from the forthcoming album on Float
  • Bulgarian ambient/drone musician/composer Angel Simitchiev, aka Dayin “Obtaining Energy” from cassette album “Light is Polluting the City” on Sweden’s Purlieu Recordings
  • Athens, Greece baroque/classic minimalist/drone musician/composer/producer Constantine Skourlis “Between Worlds ft. Christos Sakellaridis” from V/A “Partials Vol. 2” benefit compilation on Frequency Domain