WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – APRIL #17-23

  • Los Angeles-based indie rock /post-punk /new wave solo project of Vince Grant, AKA The Sea At Midnight “Under The Water” new single

Uplifting and nostalgic pure ’80s Wave vibes from the new single by L.A.-based singer-songwriter Vince Grant, paints a romantic encounter “Under the Water” swept in attraction, ecstasy, and joy, in a lush cascade of wistful jangly guitar arpeggios, fuzzed-out riffs, soul-stirring wailing leads and entrancing dizzy synth washes, just darkened by somberly murmuring post-punkish bassline throbs, whilst powerful and gripping heartfelt confession dancing the night away under the stars mercurial lights.

  • Gold Coast, Australia goth /darkwave/electronic /new wave solo project of multi-media artist Sam Haven aka KAARST “Underneath The Blood Moon” single on his own label Crucible Art

A moody mystical and majestic dark atmospherics, interlacing ethereal spectral synth swathes with sinister shuddering droning bass oscillations and steady marching beats to steer haunted vocals of Jazz Coleman-like vibrant intensity through agony and ecstasy of wishful and angsty blinding transformations, “Underneath the Blood Moon.”

  • Russian electronic /alternative /darkwave duo DIVOLE “Nothing More” single                                     

Stark, solemn yet profoundly all-consuming Darkwave from the Russian duo that immerses and grabs the listener through hypnotic ominous ritual kicks, scattered lashing beats, and buzzing low ends nervously lingering and seething along with deep emotional bewitching vocal harmonies, to rise and fall with a magnetic pounding pace and intense breathless passion, circled by churning glittering synth drama, to deliver the final, painful blow to heartbreak as there is “Nothing More.”

  • Berlin-based experimental /darkwave /shoegaze /dreamwave /post-punk project of Anna Nin (AKA None), AKA Glaring “Eight22” off “Outtakes & Rarities” album                                                                                   
  • Bergen, Norway darkwave /trip-hop /dark pop outfit Melt Motif – “Chainsaw” from the second LP “Particles. Death Objective” [Apollon Records]
  • Quebec lo-fi /electronic /synthpop solo project of MD (ex-singer/guitarist of duo Calomine), Nœud – “Cette ivresse” single
  • Toronto, Ontario electronic /cold wave /synth wave /minimal synth musician Ethan Harman aka ALAN HARMAN “I Am Leaving” (Absolute Body Control cover)
  • German Post-Punk /Coldwave /Minimal Synth solo project of Maxim Cease, Vehement Inversion “Want To Return” from “A Border Without A Crossing” [TONN Recordings]
  • Moscow-based coldwave /new wave /synth wave act Ruble Gang “Cloud” single
  • Madrid, Spain post-punk /dark wave /coldwave act, NOTDAH “tdah” title track of the upcoming cassette debut EP “tdah” via escarmiento grabaciones
  • Greek industrial /post-punk audio-visual modular band hailing from Athens led songwriter and music producer Giannis Papaioannou, AKA Mechanimal – “Armour” off 7″ EP “Armour” [Smash Records]
  • Serbian synth wave /minimal synth audio-visual duo Nemanja Stojanović (Neomodern) and Aleksandra Pavlović from Subotica, YusYus “Masters Of The Future (Live On INDIREKT)” live single from the upcoming album.
  • Brazilian coldwave /minimal synth project of anvil FX members Tatiana Meyer e Paulo Beto, Pink Opake “Minha Voz, Minha Vez” single on Wave Records
  • Mechelen, Belgium veteran dark electro-wave composer and visual artist Eric Vandamme AKA Enzo Kreft – “Standing on the Soil of Another” from the upcoming album “Shelter”
  • Brazilian synth wave /darkwave duo Andromeda – “Exodus” single
  • Berlin-based elektro rock’n’roll post-punk singer, performer, 80s survivor, and composer, Mona Mur – “Tied” off the EP “Tied” [GIVE/TAKE]
  • Athens, Greek experimental minimal darkwave solo project of Nick D., DAS NOIR “Silent Day II (feat. Sotiris D.)” from the single “Silent Day”
  • Kassel, Germany gothic rock duo The Shallow Graves “Memory Lane” from “Promo 2023” EP
  • Wales, UK occult post-punk /gothic rock trio Guillotine Dream ”They Never Knew” from the LP “Blades Fall”
  • New Mexico-based Gothic /Post-punk /Doom Disco /Dark Wave DIY one-man band  Slow Danse With The Dead “If One Coffin Lid Shuts Another Shall Open” from the collection album “Dark Ritual” (first SDWTD rewritten and re-recorded releases from 20162018)
  • German darkwave /post-punk duo urbandoned. “Harmony” [Single]
  • L.A. goth /coldwave /post-punk solo project DEATHFAUNA “Solita” from the instrumental EP “Reflections”
  • Mexico‘s Coldwave /Minimal /Dark Wave project of Daniel Rossier AKA Das Leiden “Asche/Cenizas (Deutsche Version)” part of the upcoming album “Versuchung”
  • Athens, GA deathrock / post-punk 3-piece originally formed in 2003, Tears for the Dying “Kaiju” single
  • Spanish coldwave /darkwave solo project, Ingreso Cadáver “Larvas” single
  • Venezuelan post-punk /synth-wave /darkwave duo from Caracas, RECIPE MORADO “El Tiempo [Dudas RMX]”
  • Stockholm-based Dark Wave /Post-Punk project founded by synthpop artist Yestergrey, AKA Movie Camera “Angel In Disguise” from the EP “Angels In Disguise” on SwissDarkNights Label
  • German dark electro /synth-pop duo, FRACTAL AGE “Cross my heart” from “Faded Blossom” album [Scanner]
  • Hamburg, Germany-based synth-pop /future pop project of Irish electronic musician Ronan Harris, VNV NATION “Artifice” from the new LP “Electric Sun” [Metropolis Records]
  • German dark electro combo Massiv in Mensch “Sturm (Dominatrix Remix)” from the maxi single “Sturm” on Katyusha Records
  • Dark electronic synthpop solo project from Poland, ZT1 “Nothing Ever Happens”
  • Spanish synthpop /synth wave /minimal synth project of Jose Enterrado from Barcelona, AKA Proyecto Periferia “Y Contigo Yo Sue​ñ​o” new single
  • German synthpop band Beborn Beton “Burning Gasoline (NNHMN Remix)” from “Burning Gasoline” EP on Dependent
  • Melbourne-based Cold Wave /Post-punk /Synthpop solo project of Peter Endall (keyboardist for ’80s band Schizo Scherzo), Suburban Spell “Bright Gold Cross” from upcoming CD EP “Falling Down”
  • Italian gothic /dark electro-wave duo Ohne Nomen “Darkness” single via Cold Transmission Music
  • Italian darkwave /electro-coldwave duo from Turin, THE FROZEN AUTUMN “Livid Velvet Waters” from the new EP “The Shape Of Things To Come” on Avantgarde Music
  • L.A.-based Italo body music /synth-wave/dark disco /new wave /electropop duo of James Edward along with Frank Shark, MALE TEARS “Krypt” from the new album “KRYPT” on Avant!
  • New York-based darkwave /new wave /coldwave /post-punk solo project of Nazca Plate lead singer Logan Brennan, aka LEAD BLOCKS “Forbidden Tomes” from “Total Death Worship” EP on Label of Goods
  • Portland, OR industrial /EBM /synthpunk duo PUERTA NEGRA “Caída al Mal” from upcoming “Playa Sola” EP 12″ via Synthicide
  • Barcelona-based Ukrainian cold synth/dark electronic music artist, singer, and songwriter, Julia Bondar – “Ouvre les yeux (feat. Rebeka Warrior)” from Julia Bondar’s EP “Tropic of Virgo” [WARRIORECORDS]
  • German EBM/ Goth /Techno /Wave /Synthpop trio Die Selektion “Ascheregen” single [Der Katalog]
  • German EBM /Industrial /Wave /Darkwave /Techno /Cold Electro producer THBX “Pain” from the EP “Localization” on Infravox Records
  • Los Angeles industrial /electronic /noise-rock band HEALTH “Hateful” single [Loma Vista Recordings]
  • Napa, CA dark wave /electro-pop /new wave solo project of Fearing frontman James Rodger, AKA  james “Going Home” single
  • Barcelona-based post-punk /synthpop band Belgrado “Tęsknota” from the sophomore LP “Intra Apogeum” on La Vida Es un Mus
  • Gatineau, Quebec dystopic Synth-Pop /Dark Wave duo Gabriel and Yseult, AKA Menthüll “Dance Cabaret” from the upcoming EP “A PROPER ENDING”
  • Swedish electronica /new wave /dark wave duo from Sundsvall, RED MECCA “Eyes On Mars” off the upcoming double album “Stay” on Massproduktion
  • Trondheim, Norway/Brighton, UK Post-punk /Wave duo Antipole & Paris Alexander “Bleached” forthcoming 8-track full-length studio LP “Crystalline” via Young & Cold Records.
  • Italian shoegaze /darkwave /synthpop tro led by Francesco Mele, AKA Evil Saint Francis “Memory Lane, Lying in Pain” off debut EP “Memory Lane, Lying in Pain” [Rollover Milano Records]           
  • Halle, Germany synthwave /post-punk trio Kissing Disease “Eiswüste” single
  • Bologna, Italy new wave /Italo disco /darkwave /post-punk collaborative project and concept led by Gianni Lee, co-founder of the French label Model Workers Records, I Woke Up Chinese “Undone” single
  • Kyiv, Ukraine ethnic /coldwave /post-punk solo project Alex Ashtaui, MORWAN ‘Грім’ from the third LP ‘Svitaye, Palaye’ on Feel It Records
  • Leeds, UK industrial /post-punk band AUTOBAHN – ‘Acid Child’ off of  the third album, ‘Ecstasy Of Ruin’ on Tough Love
  • Italian Electronic /Coldwave /Post-Punk moniker of musician, Cristian HC Usai, aka LOVE OF CONSOLATION “Doubts” from the upcoming album “Il Funerale Dei Ricordi” via Home Mort (tape)
  • Maryland goth/ post-punk/ darkwave solo project, 4dversary “D Word”
  • Mexican post-punk /darkwave /goth duo Rey Rata “Descontrol” single
  • Milan, Italy post-punk /darkwave /synthwave 4-piece Fiasko Leitmotiv “On My Own” from the cassette EP “A Noiseless Patient Spider” on Unterschall
  • L.A. based electro/ synth/ post-punk trio led by songwriter and musician Colin Ambulance, BITE MARX “Occupant” single
  • Puebla, Mexico post-punk band Sísifo “Implosión” second single
  • Colombian post-punk solo project Píldora Letal “Huyo de la sobriedad” the first single from the upcoming third LP
  • Rouen, France post-punk /cold wave solo project NICE COLD NATION “Silent in the dark” single
  • Russian new wave /post-punk trio from Moscow, Human Tetris “Silhouette” from the third album “Two Rooms”
  • Melbourne based jangly /post-punk band Life Strike “Giving up the Ghost” off the upcoming sophomore album “Peak Dystopia” via Stable Label (Australia) and Bobo Integral (ROTW)
  • Glasgow, UK goth /new wave /post-punk 4-piece of Joan Sweeney (ex-Rose McDowall’s Band, Aggi Doom, The Royal We), Sebastian Ymai (Comidillo Tapes, Pissy, Anxiety), Gemma Fleet (The Wharves, Order of the Toad, Dancer) and Andrew Milk (Shopping, Pink Pound), Current Affairs “Right Time” from the forthcoming debut LP “Off the Tongue” on Tough Love
  • Victoria, BC post-hardcore /noise rock /post-punk band Bonnuit “Self Care” single
  • Melbourne, Australia Indie Rock /Post-punk trio SLOMO “Lethargy” title track of the EP “Lethargy”
  • Mexico City jangle pop /post-punk band MONNETS “No Me Amas” single
  • Italian post-punk /new wave band from Matera, God in a Black Suit “Little Empty Head” new single
  • Mid-’80s San Francisco experimental /folk /post-punk /psychedelic band led by Leslie Medford, The Ophelias “Leslie’s Dream” single via Independent Project Records
  • Melbourne, Australia gothic /new wave / post-punk project led by Bradley M Hunter, AKA The Unbelievable Truth “Punch The World” demo mix of the first single from the upcoming new album
  • Szczecin, Polish cosmic-electro duo Brenda i Funky “2075” from the cassette album “2075” on Syf Records

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