WL//WH Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips

Weekly Shoegaze/ Dreampop / Psychedelic / Indie Tips #02


  • Rennes, France dream pop/shoegaze band Tristesse Club – “A New Tomorrow” new single

Switching seamlessly between electric and introspective moods, through mournful and plaintive guitar bleeds, layers of hazy reverberations, swelling bassline, hypnotic melodies, indolent vocals, the achingly and deeply emotional shoegaze by the 4-sad-boy-club from Rennes deserves all your attention.

  • Trans-fronted aggressively ethereal/dream pop/shoegaze music project from Louisville KY., VYVA MELINKOLYA “Heaven or Philadelphia” from “Violet” EP

In the footsteps of the excellent self-produced 2018’s album and the last single “Ugly irl”, here included in a remixed version, the new EP from the bedroom project delivers immersive lo-fi, raw yet ethereal, hazy shoegaze, with intriguing dark undertones, buried behind introspective and intoxicating reverb-infused shimmering atmospheric guitar washes that encapsulate bittersweet and wistful ecstatic emotions, easy to get lost in.

  • Richmond, VA indie/power pop trio BIG BABY “Hate U” off of sophomore EP “Fizzy Cola” on Hidden Bay Records / Jigsaw Records

Combining swirling jangly guitar lines, abrasive riffs, frenzied rhythms, and invigorating vocal harmonies, Big Baby delivers four irresistible tunes packed with power-pop goodness striking the fine balance between energetic grit and melodic flair.

  • Scotland, UK cinematic/experimental electronic pop musician (GNAC, The Montgolfier Brothers, Wingdisk, Vetchinsky Settings, Bad Dancers Collide), MARK TRANMER “Smile Like June” from “Scoop of Ice-Cream Moon” off of “Vertical Features: Two” album, second selection of tracks from the Vertical Features label.               
  • Ukrainian experimental/cold electronic/dreamwave duo from Odessa, Bad News from Cosmos “Girlfriend”     
  • San Francisco lo-fi indie pop outfit Mister Baby “Demon” from “There’s Hope in Cantelope” on Discontinuous Innovation Inc.
  • Chinese experimental/indie/noise rock band (formerly 8 Eye Spy), White Elephant “Fly In The Midnight” from upcoming album “Ruyi Lane” on Maybe Mars
  • Toronto, Canada shoegaze/folk musical project by Peter Vardy, TWIN MERIDIAN “Siren’s Song (Lonesome Ranger)”
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina shoegaze/dream pop duo LUNCIL “Misterios” from the single “Nunca Lo Harás” in advance of the forthcoming “El Lenguaje de las Estrellas” on No Me Escucho Records
  • Russian ethereal/trip-hop/art rock/dreampop band from Saint Petersburg, REVERBCORE “Never Before” from the second album “Warble”
  • The Hague, Netherlands disco/pop/synthpop independent producer, composer and musician, aka SHOOK “Lullaby” from the new LP “Music for City and Nature”
  • UK art rock/experimental pop band THE CHAP “Loaded Words” from “Digital Technology” on Lo Recordings
  • Dublin-based electronic alternative pop 6-piece, The Crayon Set “Don’t Step Back Too Far” from the forthcoming The Crayon Set album ‘Downer Disco’
  • Boston‘s Dreamy Surf Indie Rock artist HONEY CUTT “Vacation” from forthcoming LP “Coasting” on Kanine Records
  • Brussels-based, Philadelphia-born singer-songwriter Matt Watts “Sha la la la Jim” from the upcoming album “Queens” on Cluster-Park
  • Toronto‘s alt dreampunk band lead by Beliefs co-founder Jesse Crowe, PRAISES “Shadow Of A Doubt” from the “EP THREE” out now on Hand Drawn Dracula
  • Atlanta, GA experimental indie/psych/dream pop project of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Thomas Howard aka Orchid Mantis “Starving for Light” from the upcoming cassette EP “Long Division” via Z Tapes       
  • Mar del Plata, Argentina‘s emocore/dream pop/shoegaze quartet LOS NEGROS “Todo de Nuevo” from “Principios” album on Pistilo Records y Fuego Amigo Discos.
  • Paris based noise rockers Deaf Parade  “No Control” off of V/A “Papa Por la Vida b” cassette compilation via Buddy Records
  • Mexican dream-goth/post-punk/shoegaze/dream pop duo from Reynosa, SOMA CAKE “When We Were (Angels)” from the upcoming album “The Longest Hug”
  • Russian/Estonian Dream Punk band GAARDEN “Orange Flowers” from the debut album “The Fall” on Library Group Records
  • Lebanese dream pop trio formed in 2012 in Beirut, POSTCARDS “Hunting Season” from the sophomore album “The Good Soldier”
  • Seattle based indie/synthpop/dream pop husband & wife duo The Hurting “7 Years, One Thousand Words” debut single
  • Post-goth/shoegaze duo from Dallas, TX/Vancouver, BC, TELECOM FALLS “Apart” debut single
  • Chicago, IL post-punk/jangle/dream-pop/indie pop band The Hazy Seas “Saltbath” from debut s/t album
  • Japanese alt/shoegaze outfit Kinoue64 – ‘なchuラル (Cover&Shoegaze Arrange)’ from 椎名ましろ EP
  • Chicago’s bedroom pop/jangle/dream-pop project of Kenneth Foss, aka TEEN BLUSH “Graveyard Girl”                
  • Umeå, Swedish psych/dream pop project of Hannes Ferm, HOLY “Can u hear me calling?” new single from forthcoming LP “Ryder” on PNKSLM Recordings
  • Los Angeles, CA indie/shoegaze/dream pop husband/wife duo THE KNOW “Hold Me Like You Know Me” second single.                                                                                                                                                             
  • Getxo, Spain shoegaze/noise pop/dream pop band TOM BOYLE “Burbujas de amor” new single
  • Japanese bedroom/dream pop/jangle/indie pop duo from Tokyo, Vacant Wave “Cold Morning Blues”
  • Chicago‘s post-country/indie rock/noise rock duo RATBOYS “I Go Out at Night” from the album ‘Printer’s Devil’ on Topshelf Records
  • Chester, UK 3-piece fuzzy indie-pop band PEANESS “Kaizen” new single
  • Brisbane, Australia surf indie-pop western gaze 4-piece The Double Happiness ‘Wild Bikini’ first single from The Double Happiness’ debut album ‘Surf Gazing’! on 4000 Records
  • Nashville, TN based Anglo-Indian/American indie/kraut/jangle/psych-pop band based on the writing partnership of Calvin Laporte and Evan Smith, SUFIS “Yr OK” from the upcoming second LP “Double Exposure” out digitally and on limited edition cassette 1/24/20 via Burger Records.                                                                        
  • Brooklyn, NY DIY psych rock trio Plates of Cake “Crusader Castle” from the album Decline and Fall” on their own label Western Revisions
  • El Paso, TX indie/punk/shoegaze solo project (aka Visual Soul), LOW PERFECTION “Dont Wanna Care” new single
  • Los Angeles‘ ‘doomgaze’ quartet fronted by Michelle Malley, IRESS “Shamed” new single
  • Leeds, UK lo-fi /noise/post-punk/guitar pop 4-piece MUSH “Revising My Fee” from Mush’s upcoming debut album “3D Routine” via Memphis Industries
  • Baltimore, Maryland indie/electro-pop duo (ex-Bachelorette), HAMERKOP “The Splendour That Was Rome” from the upcoming debut LP “Remote” on Drag City
  • Halifax, UK psych garage disco trio The Orielles ”Space Samba (Disco Volador Theme)” second single from upcoming second album, “Disco Volador!” on Heavenly                                                                                                 
  • Groningen, Netherlands shoegaze/dream pop/indie rock band Meadowlake “Blood Crawls” new single
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina ambient/dream pop/shoegaze duo Teenage Dreamstar – ドリームキャスト- from “About Yesterday” debut EP
  • Cwm Y Glo, UK mod/indie rock band Hippies Vs Ghosts “Strange Odyssey” new single
  • Texas post-black metal/post-rock/shoegaze solo project CULAK “Enchanted” from the debut LP “Imagine”
  • New York heavy fuzz pop band from Brooklyn, DEAD STARS “Dreams Don’t Come True” from upcoming LP “Never Not Here” on Weird Tree Records
  • Seoul, South Korea lo-fi indie rock solo project CLOSER PREYS “I Tried To Swim Across The Ocean” from debut “Betrayed” EP
  • New York dream-pop/dreamgazer solo project of Dani Mari, aka PRIMITIVE HEART “No Fear In Love (The Churchhill Garden remix)” off of new remix album “No Fear In Love Remixes” on Shore Dive Records
  • Bradford, UK electronica/post-rock project of Gavin Miller (former member of Johnny Poindexter), worriedaboutsatan “Secretly” from the 6th ltd CDr album “Crystalline” on Athens’ Sound In Silence label
  • Lancaster, Pennsylvania indie folk-rock trio The Innocence Mission “The Brothers Williams Said” from the upcoming album “see you tomorrow” on Bella Union