WL//WH Track Of The Day: OUR BROKEN DREAMS “Follow”

Track Of The Day Our Broken Dreams

Up-and-coming Paris-based young electronic DJ/producer Mind/Matter is making a name for himself with a ‘poisoned’ mix of EBM /industrial /techno and post-punk on various French labels such as Maison Close, Messe Noire Obsidienne and Autonome, plus a collaborative project Haze Of Sorrow with End of Mortal Life.
Just yesterday has been released his remix for Gewalt M‘s new EP on RND. Records worth checking out.

Our Broken Dreams is his brand new side project brewing up a starkly haunting and intriguing riveting blend of post-punk obscure energy and coldwave brooding intensity, slightly nostalgic but with a fresh and radiant electronic flair. 

“Follow”, the last from the three new absolutely impressive tracks featured on Soundcloud in the last few weeks, uncoils ominous glassy synth swirls, twinkling and piercing dismal guitar melodies, throbbing bassline, layered with hissing and droning electronic effects, and hypnotic driving mechanical beats over deep detached vocal vibrations that seductively pulse their way through the bleak depths and struggles of dark emotions with infectious eerie lure.

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