WL//WH Video Of The Day: VAN BLOOMEN “Time Is Running Slow”

Video Of The Day  VAN BLOOMEN 

VAN BLOOMEN is the one-man project of the former mastermind of Düsseldorf‘s Electro-Punk band 100blumen, Marcel Van Blumen, who resurrects, with a modern twist, his late ’80s experiments using different facets of dark dancing electronic sound, varying from EBM to Techno, from Synth-Pop to Cold Wave, dropping a new digital 3-track single, “Time Is Running Slow”, scheduled to be released on December 3rd, 2021, via ProNoize / Dark Dimensions Label Group, anticipated by an engaging DIY music video for the title track, featuring Andi from Stuttgart‘s post-punk band Phileas Fogg on guitar.

The mercurial “Time Is Running Slow” blooms with sparkling icy bright synth chords that burst and swirl around deep, digging bassline throbs, whilst heart fluttering drum beats fuel anticipation with hypnotic trotting rhythms to carry the helplessly floating, fading, and angsty male vocals through obsessive waves of excruciatingly abrasive guitar lead shredding the aching nostalgia of lyrical rhymes into exasperated hope.

The black and white video draws cherry red enhancements over edgy urban imagery, to propel parallel timelines into unfound romantic fate. City streets set the stage for a missed encounter as time-lapsed momentums cast in cool punk style, retro-futuristic accessories, and hip sports car excursions divert the mind’s eye of perception with disorienting moods. Glowing orange orbs collide into split-screen mirror reflections while country wood wanderings dissect spinning treetops into universal symbols for life and death to stir the soul and warp the mind with timeless destiny.

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