WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips – AUGUST #32-22

  • Paris-based, Italo/French Synthpop /Darkwave duo Echoberyl “The Awakening Mixtape”                                   

While waiting for the forthcoming new single, let’s turn on the strobe lights to the dizzying rhythms of twenty-four minutes of mixed dance music from Echoberyl’s first remixes album (plus a bonus track).

  • Lithuanian electro /post-punk collaboration project, SHAKNIS & EGZOTIKKA “Skola” first single         

Brand new collaboration project between Lithuanian musicians and producers coming from different backgrounds, Shaknis and Egzotikka, whilst the former fuels the pace with mechanical and urgent rhythms together with buzzing low ends swathed by wintry washes of analog synths, the latter haunts the raw storytelling about a devastating breakup with deep organic bass pulses, piercing guitar strains and his typical emotionally detached spoken word vocals, to build a bouncing, chugging and blackened slab of electro post-punk for our listening and dancing pleasure.

  • Brussels-based EBM /post-punk /electro /coldwave duo ULTRA SUNN “Out Of The Cage” from “Summer 22” EP on COLD TRANSMISSION LABEL

Brand new Ultra Sunn‘s two-tracker lush with the old-school rugged punch and edgy sensuality at the foundation of Belgian New Beat. Our slightly favourite “Out Of The Cage” throbs and shudders through stumblingly skipping percolating basslines, propulsive, slashing beats, sharp swirling synths and feverish brooding baritones, bristling with vengeful menace, to further inflame with a vibrant and intoxicating darkened dancefloor jam our torrid summer, from what’s showing to be, once again, a thrilling, ever-improving creative pair.

  • Madrid-based coldwave /darkwave /post-punk /new wave solo project of Marco Torremocha, aka DUNKELWALD – “Hiela en Madrid” single

Enveloping and atmospheric yet crossed by lost and restless undercurrents, the introspective and moody new single from the Spanish Post-punk one-man band makes us travel through a wintry Madrid, poured by obsessive glistening guitar melodies, urgent beats and low humming bass lines, to bring heartfelt vocal romanticism into the dim twinkling glimmers of icy bright synthetic hope, drowned in a gusty mist of melancholy and longing.

  • Miami, FL experimental /ambient /wave /electronic project of Richard Vergez, AKA Night Foundation – “These Shadows Full Of Houses”
  • Brighton, UK indie /shoegaze /darkwave /synthpop duo project DARKTRAIN “Emotion Sickness” single
  • Paris-based indie /synthpop /darkwave /post-punk DIY musician, NAM’S “IT’S NOT A LOVE SONG” (JAM SESSION RECORD 7)
  • Helsinki, Finland anarcho /goth /post-punk band DRAGSVIK “Autiomaa” from the debut s/t album
  • German goth /post-punk /darkwave /deathrock Rope Sect side project by Sardonicus, AKA Grinning God “Confuser of Minds” from “Grinning God // Spider God” Split LP/cassette on Phantom Lure
  • NYC/Lisbon-based goth post-punk /darkwave duo Trembling Master and Wound AKA Hours of Worship “Your Lonely Death My crown” from their upcoming album “The Cold That You Left”
  • Florida‘s retrowave /minimal synth solo project of half of PASS/AGES and frontman of Ars Phoenix, Jonn Gauntletier “Gog/Magog” (Single)
  • Tbilisi, Georgia electronic dark wave project of Giorgi Sirabidze, aka GOTE “Postmortem”
  • Austin, TX synth wave /post-punk trio Urban Heat – “Trust” from “Wellness” EP                                                      
  • Finland based dark electronic/synth-punk project of Jacques Saph (Wild Roses Of Winter, Virgin in Veil, Masquerade), aka Carnal Machinery “Void” single
  • Malaysian post-punk /synth-pop /darkwave act M.Rizal “Desperatetimes” from the soon-to-be-released 6-Song “Demo” cassette on SECRET4300 Records
  • Brooklyn, NYC Cold-wave /Post-punk /Synth-punk solo project Spookystack “Promises” from the upcoming “Static” EP
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina goth /post-punk 4-piece Paranoia “La muerte de los ravers” from debut 2-track single “Paranoia en vivo (el ruido records)”
  • Synth-darkwave act from Sweden, T.G.T.B – “Shun” from 12″ vinyl s/t album “T.G.T.B ” on Detriti Records
  • San Antonio, TX based EBM /Rhythmic Industrial Electronics /Synth Dystopia solo project MODEBIONICS “ONE BY WAR (single edit)”
  • New London, Connecticut Synth Wave /Darkwave /Devotional EBM solo act Revenge Body “The Heavens” from the album “Chiron” 
  • Brussels based Techno /EBM /Cold Wave duo FIGURE SECTION “Another Sun” (first single originally from 2019)
  • ScottishIndian darkwave duo based in Berlin, Permanent Daylight “Shadow” from the upcoming debut LP “Temptress”
  • Dublin, Ireland Dark Synth-Pop act Bloodinwater “Pure Devotion” single
  • Portland, Or post-punk /synthpop trio SEX PARK “Without Reserve” single from forthcoming Sex Park full-length album.
  • Berlin-based indie /nu-disco /post-punk /synthpop 4-piece No Romance “Glitters” first single from the upcoming EP
  • 1986/87 formed, Los Angeles based post-punk /new wave /synthpop duo Bart Plaskoff (vocals, lyrics, backing keyboard) and Glen Moller (keyboards, programming, backing vocals), AKA Schneebezen “Treasure” from the upcoming archival cassette compilation with bonus demos and unreleased tracks “Amnesia Lane” via mecanica records
  • California‘s dark electronic /new wave /post-punk /synthpop project VANDAL MOON “Young. Deadly. Beautiful.” from the upcoming LP “Queen Of The Night” on Starfield Music
  • Danish EBM /dark electro project of composer and producer John R. Mirland (of Am Tierpark, Mirland, Gusten…), aka M73 “Motor Romantik” first single and title track from the upcoming M73 album.
  • Swiss new wave /synthpop duo BLACKBOOK “Minefield” single on Darktunes
  • German dark synthpop electronic project of Björn Beekman from Düsseldorf, aka DARK INSIGHTS “Wake Up” single
  • Russian Futurepop||EBM duo from St.Petersburg, Last Activity “To All Lonely Stars” single on skyQode
  • Mexican electronic /post-punk /synthpop act Amadeus Hegel “Patiens” single on Electrosound label.
  • Chilean synthpop /electronic music project from Valparaíso, 3V3C3S3 “Chanel” single
  • Phoenix, AZ Darkwave /Synth-Punk act Bindi-eye “Healthy Commodity” from “Healthy Commodity + Dying World” single
  • San Diego, Ca based electronic /synthpop /darkwave alter ego of Ben Seymour (former guitarist for The Del Padres, Tribe-O), AKA Manx Dreams “Stolen Car” from the album “Of Past Lives”                                   
  • Berlin‘s dark wave /new wave /post-punk DIY band Die Gruppe Buckow – “Pyongyang” from the debut EP “Buckow”
  • Moscow, Russia goth /kraut /noise rock /post-punk 5-piece Сара и Джон Коннор “Темница” first single from upcoming album “Египетская Сила”
  • Columbus, OH/Charleston, SC indie rock /computer post-punk outfit YAWNER “So Low” from “Sunkissed” LP via Candlepin Records and Patience Tapes
  • Norwegian New wave | Post-punk | Indie rock project from Oslo, TÅSEN TEA PARTY “Why not fake them” from the first album “Combination of frequencies”
  • Pittsburgh, PA post-punk /darkwave duo, Bring Her ”In Time We’re Downtide” from the upcoming sophomore LP “Comfort In The Shame” on Knife Hits
  • Danish punk /post-punk outfit Missvnaries ov Charity – “Meat Fever” from the cassette EP “Hvmanity as a hole” on Detriti Records
  • Chicago, IL goth /post-punk /deathrock band fronted by veteran artists William Faith (formerly of Faith and the Muse, Christian Death, Mephisto Walz, Shadow Project, The March Violets, etc.) and Sarah Rose Faith (aka DJ Scary Lady Sarah), The Bellwether Syndicate “Dystopian Mirror” from the forthcoming album ‘Vestige & Vigil’
  • Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine coldwave /post-punk trio The Last Passenger “Лють” new single
  • Denver based post-punk /deathrock trio, Plague Garden feat. Batboy – “Entropy” single on Bleeding Light Music
  • Vancouver based noise rock /new wave /post-punk four-piece Black on Black “How Very” new single
  • Californian DIY dark post-punk outfit SECTARIAN BLOOM “Static” from the new EP “New Spring” on Transylvanian Tapes.                                                                                                                                             
  • Australia Experimental Noise-Rock /Post-punk band out of Sydney, Presqué Vu “Tyre Marks” from the new EP “Light Carrier”
  • São Paulo, Brazil indie rock /post-punk project Dennis e o Cão da Meia-Noite “Aquela Que Eu Queria Esquecer” new single
  • AngloGerman post-punk 4-piece based in Berlin, YETZ “Bed Bugs” single
  • Germany based post-punk /synthpop instrumental project Постскриптум | Postskriptum “Melancholie” from “P.S.” album