WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – October #42-21

  • Comme des Larmes podcast no. 62 w / BERTRAM                                                                                                   

Courtesy of the brilliant Spanish label/podcast Comme des Larmes, an ace one-hour set from Aruba-bred, Amsterdam-based veteran producer, DJ, event organizer/Operator Radio host and Galactic Funk podcast curator Bertram Croes, AKA Bertram, who organically weaves Electro, Techno, EBM, Minimal Synth, Acid, Breaks with a leftfield twist, in a ceaseless distinctive dynamic exploration for intricate and syncopated mechanical rhythms, deep droning basslines, and tempting dance-inducing driving grooves.

  • Kharkiv, Ukraine acid /techno /electro DJ-producer Slava Gubarev – “His Face” from “Whisper” EP on Portugal‘s  Ovelha Trax

Up and coming young producer from Kharkiv deploys hypnotic flows of intoxicating energy into a hyper bounce of punchy dance beats cut in sinister swirling icy bright synth strains, menacing gravelly vocals, and depth defying dimensions of undulating acidic bassline jiggles to open inner doorways of oppressed moods.

  • Nashville, TN experimental/new beat/cold electro producer Daniel Holt “Maniac” from upcoming V/A “Dead Beats 1” compilation [Death Decay Magic]                                                                                                              

Rochester, NYC based Black Light Smoke‘s Death Decay Magic imprint upcoming “Dead Beats 1” compilation brings together ace synth artists such as Happy707, Stockholm Syndrome AU, Heidi Sabertooth, and the label boss himself. Tennessee musician Daniel Holt with an immersive and mesmeric melodic synth-laden number replete with wistful airy arpeggios, obsessive tinkling chords and snappy rhythms that ​march mechanically through a relentless build of melancholy and impending doom to charge buzzing bassline’s droning frequencies with a heady expulsion of bittersweet dancefloor moods.

  • Valencian ambient /industrial /electro /techno DIY electronic duo Ana Escudero and David Garrido, Spammerheads “Chaos Routine” from the ltd. cassette album “Espai, Temps i Matèria” [HCR-d015] on HC Records

Under the purest DIY spirit, Spanish ‘Working-Class Electronic Music’ duo based in Valencia investigates the most ecstatic, vibrant and sheer essence of electronics in the same wavelength of early Sheffield-era Warp Records, swaying between suspended retro-futuristic dancefloors and imaginative cosmic trips, to design melodic atmospheric soundscapes, amidst emotional melancholic arpeggios, humming warm bassline and intricate, hypnotic rhythmic patterns, whilst haunted by a sinister undercurrent mood of dark uneasiness. Emotive heartfelt electronica, a true work of love. Very limited personalized tapes.

  • West Germany via South London experimental /industrial /ambient /ethnic /electronic producer ABU AMA “Plastic Cobra” from ‘AM002’ album on Accidental Meetings
  • German experimental /ambient /jazz /cosmic /psych /breaks /kraut /electronic production duo  Benedikt Frey & Tim Toh – “Angst (ft. Lukas Diller)” off upcoming “NAVA” EP on Frey’s R.I.O. Label                                          
  • Italian psych /slow-mo /downtempo /cosmic /electronic production duo of Giorgio Giri and Marco Lentano, aka Mushrooms Project “Animale” off of “The Roam 100 Compilation” [Roam Recordings]
  • Turin-based Italian experimental /electro /tribal /dark techno DJ and producer Matteo Viani, aka BLACK SEED “Oxus” off of upcoming V/A “Paradisia Vol. ∞” [Gang of Ducks]                                                                       
  • Northern Irish experimental /ambient /post-punk /techno solo project of Belfast-based musician, Cathal Cully, aka GROUP ZERO “Memorial Device” from “Everyone’s Already Come Apart” EP on Touch Sensitive
  • Italian retro /synth-wave /synthpop /synth /electronic brother duo Alessandro Piatto (co-founder of late 70s electronic pioneers N.O.I.A, and behind Italo outfit Klein + M.B.O) & Davide Piatto, aka MONO HAN “From Day to Day” from “Things Change and Friends Leave” on N.O.I.A. Records
  • Belgrade born, Rome based post-punk /cold wave /dark pop /electronic project Yva & The Toy George feat. Suit Kei – “Teodora (Suit Kei Remix)” ​from “Stealth” EP via Berlin/Rome female collective Witches Are Back
  • French Italo /wave /synth /dark pop producer Cate Hortl – “Rise” from “Smog” EP [Ritmo Fatale]
  • Barcelona-based Ukrainian cold synth electronic music artist, singer, songwriter, JULIA BONDAR “In Flame” from the new LP “BONDING”
  • Barcelona electronic /industrial duo Lautaro Carbajal & Nicolas Ballesteros, aka La Union Metalurgica – “Marchas De Circunstancia” from the upcoming S/T vinyl LP due October 2021 [L.I.E.S.]     
  • Bogotà, Colombia industrial techno/noise from the bad half of Alpha & Necromante, aka Bad Faith Actor – “Apocrypha” off upcoming V/A “Feed Your Demons” compilation [Frenesia]                                       
  • UK Industrial /EBM /Synth /Electronic duo from Sheffield, Randolph & Mortimer “Cyber Exile” from Split EP “Torque Force” with Andi on mecanica                               
  • Rochester, NY-based synthpop /darkwave /techno /electronic producer Jordan Lieb, aka Black Light Smoke “Maniac” from upcoming V/A “Dead Beats 1” compilation [Death Decay Magic]                   
  • Lyon based EBM /Electro / Dark Wave /Electronic producer NZM 99 – “Amadeus” off of “Mad World” EP [FOD004] on RAVE OR DIE & NEWFLESH                                                                                                               
  • Barcelona/Moscow EBM /electro/ electronic production duo Vinilette & Disco Morato – “Sueños” from “Sueños” EP [MAXIMA CULPA]
  • Derry-based industrial /dark experimental electronic / EBM project of Christian Donaghy, aka Autumns “Hot Hot Can’t See” off V/A “Sadistic Tendencies Volume 1” on Exterminador
  • Thessaloniki based French Ambient /EBM /Industrial /Dark Electronics producer George McCall, aka Alpha Sect “Résister Pour Exister (feat. Valérie Hendrich) (Ne Re A Remix)” from upcoming LP “Dark Rituals” [Soil Records]
  • Buenos Aires experimental /industrial /EBM /post-punk /electro artist SATIRA – “Salvia” off of upcoming “Asphyxia” tape compilation on Of Dolls and Murder
  • NYC EBM /industrial techno /synthpop project of Castillo (former Primitive Weapons and co-founder of new label Faktor Music), aka Confines “Oro Y Muerte” from the upcoming EP “Work Up the Blood” on Synthicide
  • Paris based new beat/wave /techno /dark electro-punk solo project of Tomas Lefebvre, aka DECEMBER “The Day Of The Hunter” from the upcoming first album “DÉBUT” on Broken English Club‘s label Death&Leisure
  • Turin-based Italian electronic /darkwave artist Paolo Virdis “Your Love” single from the debut EP “Confessions of a Romantic Demon”.
  • Paris-based techno /EBM /electronic producer MIND | MATTER “The Impalement (Elements Of Joy Remix)” from upcoming [AREAZT011] “Staring at The Void” EP on AREA Z                                                           
  • Moscow based EBM /industrial /acid /electro /techno producer Kovyazin D “Dark Shades Of Moscow” from “Dark Shades Of Moscow” EP on System 108
  • São Paulo, Brazil darkwave /acid /techno/EBM duo ÁCIDA ÁCIDA “Lavanda” from the album “B-Sides” (early unreleased tracks).
  • Sevilla based Russian-born by the way of Greece industrial /EBM /electro producer Maxim Gkikaev (aka Rise Black), aka Escoria Humana “Beast” from the EP ” Escoria Humana Jam Vol.1″
  • Leipzig techno producer b.trayd – “Suspiria” upcoming on Vast Perception                                                       
  • Paris electronic /new beat/ wave /dark disco producer Alexander Berly, aka La Mverte feat. JC from Vox Low – “Nigredo” from upcoming EP “Alchemy Calls” on Les Enfers                                                   
  • Berlin-based wave /dub /disco /kraut /post-punk /electronic French producer and I’m A Cliche label head Benjamin Boguet, aka COSMO VITELLI “As She Rolled Another (feat. Izzy Lindqwister)” from upcoming “As She Rolled Another” EP on I’m a Cliché
  • Turin-based Italian experimental /electro /tribal /dark techno DJ and producer Matteo Viani, aka BLACK SEED “Narcotic” (Single)
  • Vilnius, Lithuania acid /darkwave /slow techno /electronic producer SIMAS BOO “Aspersa Semita” single
  • Greek raw industrial /dark electronic / d&b / acid /techno producer DJ LOSER “A (love version)” from cassette EP “GOLGOTHA” on SPEKTATOR
  • Veteran Bulgarian experimental /industrial /electro DJ/Producer Petar Tassev, aka MANASYt ‘Velvet Prision’ from the upcoming album ‘Anarchy On Celluloid’ [Vinyl, 12”] on Diffuse Reality Records
  • Irish retro electro producer, DJ & radio host Mr. Spring aka REPLICANTS “Mood” from upcoming EP “Arcadia” EP on Woodwork Recordings.
  • Berlin-based Russian ambient /IDM /breaks /drum & bass /electro producer Serge Geyzel “Promises” from 2-track Transparent Lathe Cut 8″ Vinyl “01” on Barcelona‘s Adepta Editions
  • French experimental /synthwave /electro producer from Bordeaux, Jauzas The Shining “Raison D’être” off upcoming “Substance” EP on Specimen Records                                                                                                    
  • Moscow, Russian cosmic /techno acid /house /electronic producer and co-founder of ИДА label & DJ-crew, Kolomensky “Trouble (Anatolian Weapons Remix)” from upcoming EP “Heavy Pressure And Other” on Electric Shapes
  • Russian dark disco producer and DJ (1/2 of Getsuga Tenshou) from Saint Petersburg, Evgeniy Tanaisov, aka ETANE “Cry No More (Silicodisco Remix)” from “Chapter 10” EP on Critical Monday
  • Bristol-born and Berlin-based, UK dark electro-disco Dj-producer, film score composer and co-owner of Giallo Disco Records, Antoni Maiovvi “Valencia (Jensen Interceptor Aigües De Valencia Mix)” from “La Ruta en Ruinas” EP on Italo Moderni.
  • Buenos Aires-born, Barcelona-based techno /dark disco electronic producer and co-head of Ninefont music label, Javier Ferreira “Breaking Up (Skelesys Remix)” off of “Breaking Up” EP [Ninefont music  
  • Hungarian house /disco /electronic producer and My Choice Recordings head, SouveQ – “Doubting Neverland (Italo Brutalo Remix)” from “Doubting Neverland” EP [My Choice Recordings]                             
  • Mexican indie dance producers Colossio & Juan To Tree – “El Lider (Zombies In Miami Guru Mantra Remix)” from upcoming “El Lider” EP on Espacio Cielo                                                                                           
  • San Sebastian, Spain techno /dark disco /electronic duo of Jaime Sagastibeltza & Borja Campión, aka Two Mamarrachos – “Special Key” off of upcoming “Special Key” EP on NEIN Records
  • ’80s Egyptian pop royalty singer & actress Simone – “Al Hayat (Moving Still Edit)” (originally produced by one half of Germany’s Modern Talking, Dieter Bohlen) from “Ouddy Bangers Vol.1” fundraising EP by Dublin based disco producer Moving Still
  • Unknown “Step On Out (Marvin & Guy Edit)” off “It’s A Pleasure To Edit” selection from Italian duo archive of disco edits.                                                                                                                                                                 
  • UK Hi-NRG disco producer Rory Hamilton aka HAMMER “Paraiso tan” off of “Think About Me” EP on his Italo Hiits label
  • Hungarian experimental /cinematic /jazz /dub /psych /electronic music producer Laurine Frost, aka Haramia Tapes “Limp” from “Daydreaming” LP [BSUN005] on Baroque Sunburst
  • Staffordshire, England experimental /psych /dream pop /ambient pop duo Ben Holton & Rob Glover, aka EPIC45 “Rainstorm Breaks” from “Cropping The Aftermath” album on Wayside & Woodland Recordings
  • Paris based ambient /breaks /bass /techno /jungle producer Trois-Quarts Taxi System – “Yeun” from upcoming “Rumor” EP [Matière]
  • Berlin, Germany ambient /Braindance /IDM /electronic producer CYCLOB “Rigidly Hot Button Accommodation” from the album “Tomorrow Foolish Logic”
  • Mexico City-based ambient /glitch /microhouse /downtempo electronic artist and producer, Tristan Arp “Photosynthesis” from the album “Sculpturegardening” on Wisdom Teeth
  • Austrian veteran experimental /techno /electronic DJ-producer Susanne Kirchmayr from Wien, Electric Indigo – ‘Morphem SI’ from ‘Morpheme’ album (A/V concert performed live a few times in 2015) on fals.ch
  • Seattle, Wa ambient /dreamwave project Hello Meteor ”Mobile Night Market” from the album “The End of All Known Land”
  • Sardinian ambient /electronic musician & ROHS! Records owner, Andrea Porcu “Qualcosa é nell’aria” from the 7″ Lathe Cut single “Gold – Suoni Dalla Memoria” on ROHS! Records
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland ambient /cinematic /folk /electronic musician Owen Ferguson, aka Owsey “Pit Of Perdition” (Single) from the upcoming EP “When Ghosts Become Faithful”