WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips – September #36-21

  • EDWIN № 101 – Low Bat                                                                                                                                         

Courtesy of Edwin Music Channel, magnetic and hypnotizing set by Valenciennes-based, French imaginative sound traveller Low Bat, ‘showcasing his love for ethnic atmospheres, driving droning darkness, Acid without Acid, all with a punk undertone’. Check his Bi-Monthly Shows on Lyl and Mutant Radio.

  • Grenoble, France ambient /hypnotic techno producer and .inphase label co-head, TRISMUS “Metallic Voices” from the debut “Lost Planet” album [Diffuse Reality Records]

Minimal, deep, powerful and lashing at the same time, The French producer draws irresistible dark hypnotic alchemy through obsessive pounding kicks and crispy resonant rhythmic patterns, ominously enveloping buzzing bass tones and slow swarming, distressing icy synth swathes to rise and fall in supernatural and apocalyptic frequencies instilling primal instincts from mind-expanding moods of obscure and enigmatic dancefloor allure.

The tireless Barcelona‘s Independent Record Label & Party Promoter founded in 2013, DIFFUSE REALITY, now is also a Record Shop. DM them for a visit if you’re around the Catalan capital.

  • Italian ethnic /downtempo /acid /tribal electronic DJ/producer based in Rome, A-Tweed – “Sahara Magic” (Single)

Stifling and mind-bending acidic downtempo aural phantasmagoria from Italian magician with ominous, relentless slow punchy beats along with tight, crisp percussive blows, drive paranoia and intrigue through a mesmeric tapestry of reflective, tinkling synth chimes, echoing anonymous distorted voices, to grind subliminal propagandized deception into designed doorways of deranged destiny, whilst groovy yet sinister bouncing bass pulse menace maligns unformed thoughts into both wicked and treacherous, as well as sultry and irresistible dancefloor desires.

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina EBM /industrial /techno /electro producer Estado Critico – “Broken Glass” from upcoming V/A “El lado oscuro del mar” EP [Perlas Label]

A sneakingly, both tortuous and sick, electro industrialized attack to the senses from Buenos Aire‘s experimentalist, that grips the conscience and weakens the will, firing electric jolts of hypnotic air-powered dance rhythms through an eerie sci-fi underworld of submerged sonar echoes, droning synth alarm, and fiery layers of stuttering, tight low ends to stack merciless monster flows into a chaotic and enigmatic sea of hidden obscure fears and dystopic dancefloor dominions.

  • Miami, Fl dark ambient /drone /experimental project of artist and hypnosis practitioner Kristen Soller, aka Taupe Set XL “The serpents dance” from the upcoming cassette album “Shadow of venus” on Noir Age
  • Bristol, UK based ambient /drone /sdr recordings /radio remix /noise writer, shaman, electronic musician & artist SHEER ZED “The Ability to Communicate Without Rules” from the album “Discreet Frequencies Machars Action Remixed” (originally released on sold-out tape the 3rd of September 2021 at 6pm on The Dark Outside tape label)
  • Bremen, Germany experimental /dark ambient /EBM /electronic producer Chris Relkneus, aka RELKNEUS “Todesfuge” [Hommage an Paul Celan]                                                                                                                          
  • Vilnius, Lithuania experimental /ambient / drone /electronic producer Undveld “Pale Surrender” from the upcoming LP ” Night Wanderer” on static motion
  • Australian psychedelic /post-punk /electronic /industrial trio from Melbourne, MY DISCO “StVO” from the upcoming LP “Alter Schwede” on Heavy Machinery Records
  • Chicago/Bristol experimental /industrial /techno collaboration by Jonathan “Stave” Krohn (aka half of Talker on Downwards) and Thomas “Karim Maas” Cooper, Karim Maas & Stave “D_A_T” from upcoming “Godless” album on UVB-76 Music [UVB76-LP002]
  • Madrid, Spain‘s noise electronic industrial stalwarts Esplendor Geometrico – “El Despertar Del Gigante Asiático” from “Eurasia” EP on HANDS
  • Italian industrial /electronic music act fronted by Alessandro Zampieri, aka Stendeck “Somewhere Nobody Knows (Blac Kolor Remix)” from the maxi single “Somewhere Nobody Knows” on Hymen Records
  • Italian experimental /industrial /ambient /dark electronic producer Giuseppe Sciretti aka Nigh/T\mare “Self Immolation” from the debut album “Katharsis” on Thrènes
  • Italian lo-fi /industrial /electro /wave /dark techno producer Alessio Di Mezza (aka Strangers For Love), aka Religius Order “L.A.W.E” from upcoming “Luci Nere” EP 12″ on Rat Life Rec.                                                              
  • French seminal post-industrial electronic act started in the late ’70s by musician and multimedia artist Philippe Fichot, DIE FORM “Bite Of God” from the Mecanica Records‘ 2×12″ Vinyl+Book reissue of the album “Ad Infinitum” originally released on CD in 1993 by Hyperium Records                                                                 
  • Santiago, Chile experimental /dark ambient /synthwave /electro /industrial /techno producer Vicenzo Dupre, aka VNZO “Shades” off upcoming LP “Santiago Centro” on Body Musick                                                             
  • Italian dark disco /body music /Italo wave producer Vicky Montefusco “Fiordo Di Furore (Cardopusher Remix)” from “Fiordo Di Furore” EP on Science Cult
  • Moscow-based EBM /industrial techno producer Fyodor Feoktistov, aka MESHES – “НЕ ПРИТВОРЯЙСЯ, НЕ РАСКАИВАЙСЯ” from V/A “META MOTO 5” cassette compilation on Meta Moto
  • Hanover, Germany noise /techno /EBM project [:Kollektiv.Entfremdung:] “Digital Slaves” from “Utopia?” EP
  • Russian Industrial /Techno /Dark Electro project Revizia “Breath Control” single                                               
  • Melbourne based EBM /techno /electro producer Brixx “Metamorphosis ft. Black Dahlia” from upcoming “Conversion Therapy” on Heavy Machinery Records
  • Toulouse, France EBM /industrial /techno /electronic producer Guillaume Castagnède (aka Ex Work, Sorti D’Usine), ABWRK Elektroniks “A.C.D.Pigments”                                                                                                                             
  • Scottish EBM /techno-industrial producer Kenny Campbell – “Burnin’ Up” off upcoming “The People vs Kenny Campbell x Plexøs” Split EP on the new Belfast‘s label Insurgent Records
  • Berlin-based experimental /new beat /industrial /techno audio-visual collaborative project of HUREN x SARIN… DEVIANT EMANATIONS, aka DEVIKORPS “Don’t Make Eye Contact” from the upcoming 12″ Vinyl + Cassette “Injektion Site” on X-IMG
  • Veteran Bulgarian experimental /industrial /electro DJ/Producer Petar Tassev, aka MANASYt ‘The Harvest Room’ from his upcoming EP “Madness Reigned” on Rator Mute.                                                                              
  • Toronto 90’s inspired EBM /cyberpunk /electro-industrial producer (aka Holon), SYLAC “The Digital Self”         
  • Ukrainian experimental /ambient /abstract /drone /techno producer Friedensreich – “Area 7 – History” off the album “Known Areas” [Corridor Audio]
  • London, UK jungle /breakbeat /acid /house /drum & bass producer Fiesta Soundsystem – “Pulse Fiesta” from upcoming EP “Not To Be” on Of Paradise
  • Italian ambient /techno /breaks /jungle producer (XCPT), Nothus ft. Delikwe – “Sesso Orazio” off “Xtreme Ratio” EP ​[Midnight Shift]                                                                                                                                              
  • Italian ambient /rave /techno /breaks /electro funk duo Late Night Approach “The Naus Tribe” off upcoming “L’Ultimo Ritmo” EP on Mechatronica
  • Leon / Madrid, Spain ambient /IDM /electro producer Diego Cadierno (aka Cadee), PROMISING / YOUNGSTER “Both of You” from “Balance” EP on Analogical Force
  • Reykjavík, Iceland techno /breaks /electro producer and Lagaffe Tales label head, Jónbjörn – “Fantastic Plastic” off V/A “We’ve been quiet, but we are still here” 12th Anniversary compilation EP from Prague‘s Neo Violence label.
  • Copenhagen‘s ghetto tech /electro producer (aka Inspectah Scratch), Rasmotron – “M32” off upcoming V/A “LBR-002” EP [LBR Records]                                                                                                                                         
  • French dub /breaks /exotica /dancehall /electronic DJ /producer and Undo Music’s founder Mathias Kulpinski, aka DJ F16 FALCON – “Ici Commence La Nuit” 7″ EP on Notte Brigante
  • Tel Aviv post-punk / kraut / experimental electronic artist Nadav Spiegel aka Autarkic ‘Vitamin X’ from the album ‘אוטרקי’ ​on Garzen Records
  • Berlin-based dark disco /cosmic disco /techno /electronic duo of Greek producer Niko Rapsis (FringeSociety, Modern Ruin) and Philly‘s Julian Grefe (Pink Skull, Clean Plate), aka Russian Chandeliers – “No More Silos (Steady State Remix)” off “No More Silos” EP on Esthetique Records.
  • Jakarta, Indonesian downtempo /slow techno /dark disco producer Omar Joesoef – “Yala Peak (Original Mix)” from V/A “Oddness Vol. I” EP [Bonkers]
  • Buenos Aires dark disco /electronic producer Poulper – “Shadows of Evil Guns (Parissior Remix)” off “Fantasy” EP [Espacio Cielo]
  • French 80’s electronic pioneer musician and composer Philippe Laurent “Les poupées électriques de Marinetti”
  • Glasgow‘s ambient /IDM /minimal techno /electronic producer PUB ‘Lunch’ from ‘»single’ 20th anniversary remastered double vinyl edition of all 3 Pub EPs plus 2 previously unreleased tracks, on Ampoule
  • Glasgow‘s experimental /IDM /improvisation /jungle /electronic project of Kay Logan, aka Helena Celle’s Correspondence Table “Cumbernauld Labyrinthian” from “Glasgow Decentral” cassette album on Outlet Archive and Fort Evil Fruit
  • UK ambient /electro-acoustic /experimental electronic duo Group Listening “Sunset Village” from the upcoming album “Clarinet & Piano: Selected Works, Vol. 2” ​on PRAH Recordings
  • Seattle, Wa experimental /ambient /kosmische /synth artist Jeff Lane, aka Tereshkova “Trash Mountain” from the cassette album “Beefy Chiffon” on Fort Evil Fruit
  • Chicago-based ambient /drone /minimal /electronic producer Chicago Word Brigade “A Brief Interlude”                    
  • Russian cinematic dark ambient project (aka Nightech), Plour “Saratov Reservoir” from “Volga” album on Enough Records