WL//WH The Metropolis Playlist

Hello people, The Metropolis Playlist will guide you in its electronic and amplified circuits through the week. 20 tracks with character and a meaning, which describes the urban tension and the world we share with shame. The playlist is blended with tunes that are posted and re-posted on the blog’s Soundcloud page, as well as some that were included on Loud Cities radio program. Put on your wires and listen loud!

Starting with Mary And The Ram from York-UK, electronic industrial murder ballad The Dream mixed by John Fryer!


Podval Capella from Moscow, elctronic freestyle spooks, inject Venum please!


New York’s Monograms with Sleep Cycle, a stunning blend of post-punk with garage sound, it kills!


Boston’s Dead Husband, electro synthetic bliss to dance and dream forever in Vertex!


From Vermont comes Triumphant Race with the glorious synth-wave-pop anthem Sad Northern Youth!


Los Angeles’ electro punk N8NOFACE with that totally sleazy Troucha!


Zagreb-Croatia and Iv/An with the fantastic cold-wave Fiction Or Fact remixed by Mitra Mitra!


From Ile-de-France come Dusty Mush with garage-punk sweat, here’s Hot Tomato!


Stockholm’s Silent Caravan offer new krautrock with Mystic Eye!


Los Angeles again and Mortal Boy with Wandering Lives Above, an excellent post-punk tune!


Quebec’s Handful Of Snowdrops nailed me with that old school synth wave, Face To Face!


Very modern alternative rock by Holy, a bit shoegazed and psych, here’s Heard Her!


Spirettes from Colorado, three ladies in indie (loud) rock with a clear shoegaze glimpse, Say It!


Total Control from Australia are Laughing At The System as we all do, and they twist it in something like indie/alternative rock!


NONE from Berlin and Caecus, darkwave post-punk whispering anthem, listen!


Portland’s We Are Parasols are industrial, electronic, gaze, yes! Hush is only a moment from their record, here!


Inferior Complex (LOL name) from Southampton and You’re The Only One For Me, a fine new wave/post-punk tune!


Striking tune by UK’s Portrayal, this is Lost Souls!


Oakland’s Fearing offered Rose And Web, dusty, gothic, death rock!


Vancouver’s Mode Moderne play stunning new wave music, here’s why and Oui Madame!


Have a good week everybody! Music selected by Loud Cities Mike and Fabrizio Lusso.