WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #40


  • ITAKO [Samo Records Showcase on Mutant Radio]                                                                                                  

Weekly eclectic one hour set comes from French DJ and producer from Strasbourg, ITAKO, co-founder of the Bande Magnétique label, embracing hypnotic and propulsive sounds ranging from the 80s to the early 00′, Industrial, Disco Edits, Trance, New Beat, Wave, Techno and all around.

  • Italian minimal techno/electro/IDM twin duo (Fabrizio & Marco aka Monomorph) from Rome, D’Arcangelo “Boombox” from upcoming [AF033] “Tweaking Paper” EP on Analogical Force

Pioneer Italian breakbeat maestro duet of D’Arcangelo twins dose IDM, acid and electro ingredients meticulously through melancholic bright synth melodies that meander and drone amid hypnotic shuffling dancefloor rhythms, flashing into warm expanding swathes of danger and mystery with oscillating bassline pulse’s magnetic charm.

  • Bordeaux-based ambient/electro-acoustic artist Franck Zaragoza, aka Ocoeur “Dunes” off upcoming V/A “Twenty Years Away” commemorative compilation for the 20 years of Oakland based n5MD label

Ace Oakland‘s label n5MD celebrates 20 years of stunning experimental electronica legacy with a huge 31 track fund-raising compilation comprised of affiliated underground electro-acoustic and ambient artists. Frenchman Ocoeur draws atmospheric, swelling, and sinuously quivering deeply warm synth flows, with a sweeping hypnotic pace, rippled by dragging and swishing broken beats, pervaded by cosmic echoes that project towards hazy emotional horizons in an extremely magnetic and moving sensory sonic experience of mesmeric organic nuances.

  • Japanese industrial techno/EBM producer Baroque “Enish” from upcoming V/A “Tortura Para Todos” compilation on Tbilisi’s SHISHI

Georgian label SHISHI presents its second Various Artist compilation unveiling its first ruthless torture through ace Japanese producer Baroque that dispenses deep dangerous bassline deceit, crawling along with a dark demented soundscape with marching, hypnotic beats and maniacal slurred vocals in a repetitive chant that flows in flashing and humming acidic obsession of mechanical menace and dancefloor alarm.

  • Los Angeles based, Calgary-born ambient /experimental /drone/ minimal /church music composer and performer Sarah Davachi “Diaphonia Basilica (Version)” from “Figures In Open Air” the upcoming live supplement to lastest album “Cantus, Descant” on Late Music
  • L.A. based Canadian techno/industrial/ambient producer (Front Line Assembly, Conjure One and Delerium), Rhys Fulber “Meaningless Marker of Mortality” from the new EP “Resolve”
  • Italian experimental/electronic/techno producer Francesco Baudazzi (aka Violet Poison), aka Diana Berti ” Last Night of The World (Innocence Version)” from V/A “Finis Terrae” via Blackwater Label
  • Brooklyn, NY experimental/synthpop/hip-hop/electronic artist Pvssyheaven – “Ring My Phone” from V/A “Age in Decline” (Natural050) vinyl 12″ compilation on Natural Sciences
  • Moscow, Russia electro /EBM /wave /dark techno duo Ólta Karawane “Urin wärmt Karl Marx” (The Dave Howard Singer – ‘Yon yonson’, 1987) from 12″ vinyl album “PUNKISH ET METALLIC PART II” a compilation of slow industrial punk EBM edits, on Maturre
  • German EBM/dark acid electronic production duo of FFaux & Relikto Phuturo, aka Future Relics – “Schaumbad” from V/A “Wrongful Convictions” compilation on Artificial Horizon
  • Zürich dark electronic/EBM/synth-pop producer Scannoir “De Panaesher” off upcoming V/A “Frigio Allstars Vol.3” on Frigio Records                                                                                                                                       
  • Dutch industrial dark electronic producer Boris Post aka EINDKR∀K “Pommeling on the sofa”                       
  • P.I.L. – ‘The Order Of Death’ (WLDV SLowMo Edit)
  • Berlin-based electro/acid/synthpop artist Romain Frequency aka ELECTROSEXUAL “Watch Me Lakshmi (feat. Karma She)” new single
  • Berlin-based Greek/Italian goth/industrial/EBM/post-punk/dark electronics collaboration of producer Manos Simotas and performer/activist Petra Flurr, aka UNHUMAN+PETRA FLURR “Nucleus” from the cassette album “Cause of Chaos” on She Lost Kontrol
  • Paris-based industrial/EBM/breakbeat/electro/darkwave electronic producer DECEMBER “We Hold, No Matter What” from V/A “Vol.1 – Ich bin kein Roboter” via HÖR Music
  • St. Petersburg based industrial body techno producer Blacksmith “Welded” from the EP “Dominated” [X-IMG17] on X-IMG
  • Berlin-based post-industrial/EBM/techno Italian producer Andrea Riberti, aka UNCONSCIOUS “In The Shadow Of The Cross” from upcoming V/A “Uncanny Valleys (Vol. I)” compilation on Area Z
  • Spanish industrial techno/EBM producer and Soil Records head, SOJ – “Grok” off upcoming V/A “Complexx001″ 12” vinyl on Industrial Complexx
  • Paris based industrial techno/EBM/electro producer, DJ and resident of the Champ Libre collective, SIZE PIER “Church Of Lies” off new EP “Typhoon in Busan” on X-IMG
  • Derry-based industrial/dark experimental electronic/EBM project of Christian Donaghy, Autumns “Light In Your Eye” from the 12″ vinyl album “You Always Taught Me Better” on Detriti
  • Melbourne, Australia EBM /dark electronic producer LBEEZE “Reach Out from V/A “Induced Expressions” on Athens’ Phormix label
  • Columbus, Ohio industrial /dark electronic /EBM project of Matt Auxier, 6th CIRCLE “Deviant” from “The Idle Construct” LP on Sonic Groove Experiments
  • Berlin-based industrial techno producer, live act and DJ, Liza Aikin – “We Were Never Lost” off upcoming V/A “Serpent Series Vol. 3 (“VENOM” Drop)” on Voxnox                                                                                                       
  • Moscow based electro/EBM/dark techno Dj/producer and Maxima Culpa Records co-founder, GEGEN MANN “Soul Recognition” from 2-tracker “Consumer Pitch”                                                                                           
  • French dark electro/techno producer from Grenoble, Michel Amato aka The Hacker, aka AMATO “2 in 1 (Original mix)” from “Barro#004 Amato – 2 in 1 + Rmxs” EP on BARRO
  • UK techno/industrial/electro/EBM producer EVIL DUST “K” from V/A – “Dance of Death” compilation on The Hiddens
  • Italian horror/post-punk/industrial/EBM/dark techno producer Rōnin “Der total rausch” new single
  • Medellín, Colombia lo-fi experimental/electro/EBM/techno/dark synth solo project of Faunes Efes, FILMMAKER – “Evildoers” from V/A “Exhumación” compilation on Acero
  • Melbourne, Australia industrial/noise/EBM/dark electronics producer, one-half on Die Orangen and master-mind behind Power Station/Power Cuts, Kris BAHA “Starts To Fall” title track from the new EP on his own Power Station label
  • Barcelona, Spain breakbeat/electro/rave/techno DJ/producer WACHITA CHINA – “Violence Dimension” from “Dark Pleasures” EP on Edinburgh’s Carouse                                                                                             
  • Ams­ter­dam/Moscow experimental hypnotic techno production duet, Elisa Batti & Yuka – “Solar Flear” off V/A “Derivations” on IMMATERIAL.Archives
  • Barcelona experimental techno producer NO_IP – “Kyoto” from upcoming “Kyoto” EP on Clash Lion                   
  • Los Angeles-based psych house/deep techno producer Taylor Freels (aka Urulu), aka Liquid Earth “Native Sun” new 2-track single
  • Dutch electro producer Lloyd Stellar “The Ordeal” off V/A “Nebula Aranea #01” on Bella Ursa Recordings
  • UK ambient/acid/breakbeat/electro producer The Droid “Destroy [GO Nuclear remix]” from “Execute ” album on Specimen Records
  • Greek Braindance/Acid/IDM/drum & bass/techno/dark electro producer ΠΕΡΑ ΣΤΑ ΟΡΗ “187′ LDL” off S/T 7″ single on brokntoys
  • Mysterious Dutch ambient/electro/bass/breakbeat/techno producer Sun Genam – “Signy Hall” from the upcoming 12″ EP “Angry Gods” on Who’s Susan
  • London-born, Berlin-based techno DJ and producer DAX J “End Of Opulence” title track from the new EP “End Of Opulence” on Monnom Black
  • Melbourne‘s experimental/ambient/electro/electronic producer James Annesley aka WARM STRANGER ”Limewire” from the new EP “Chambers”
  • Berlin-based deep techno/dark disco/cosmic producer Pyrame – “The Pace Of Everything That Lives (Days Of Being Wild Remix)” off “The Pace Of Everything That Lives (Remixes)” EP on his own Thisbe Recordings             
  • Russian dark disco producer Alex Twitchy AKA Velax “Corruption” from V/A “OBERWAVE VOL. 2” on Oberwave Records
  • Berlin-based dark disco/indie dance/electro artist [one-half of indie dance act Leggings], Heidenreich feat. ANGST vor GRETA – “Je Palpite” upcoming EP on Sinchi                                                                                       
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia house/electronic producer KITO JEMPERE feat. Hard Ton & Noteless – “Your Ghost In Me (Lipelis Remix)” third single from upcoming LP “Yet Another Kito Jempere Album” via Emotional Response
  • UK electronic / dark disco / electroclash Producer/Remixer/DJ and Nein Records label boss Neil Parnell aka TRONIK YOUTH “Sarcastic Lazers (Fabrizio Mamarella Remix)” from upcoming V/A “NEIN 2020” on Nein Records
  • Barcelona‘s dark disco/cosmic electronic producer artist UNDO “Sixty Days (Original Mix)” from the new EP “Sixty Days” on Melodize Records.
  • Mexican dark disco/electronic  producers Ulises Arrieta & Tapia “Calor” from upcoming “Hipsteria” EP on Nein Records
  • Portland, Oregon ambient electronic artist (half of Mind Julep), Hollie Kenniff “Momentary” (unreleased)      
  • Copenhagen, Denmark experimental/ambient artist Hviledag “Sidste Vinter” from cassette album “Minder I Fire Satser” on Janushoved
  • Oslo-based Norwegian/Mexican ambient/electronic songwriter/producer Maria Hillestad aka Carmen Villain “Dissolving Edges” from V/A “A Little Night Music: Aural Apparitions from the Geographic North” on Geographic North
  • Norway/Chile ambient/electronic/piano/modern classical long-distance collaboration, Julia Gjertsen & Nico Rosenberg “Proper Length” from “Distant Fields” on Moderna Records