WL//WH Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips

Weekly Post-Punk / Darkwave / Dark Synth Tips #50

  • Edgy Electronic Beats DJ Set 09/12/20 by Odilon’s Grip                                                                                        

This week’s Edgy Electronic Beats DJ Set is jammed with new music from Urban Matrix, Mojo Beatnik, IV Horsemen, QUAL, Oliver, St. Theodoré, Trivia, Blitzkrieg Baby, SDH, Eliezer, Dannie Fade, Years of Denial, and CHOKE., great tracks by Thbx. and Advanced Art, and many others.

  • French EBM /industrial techno /electro /darkwave artist from Paris, SIERRA “Unpredictable” from “All about love” EP

Electronic music producer from Paris increasingly sharpens her production skills with a tension-filled EBM-ish, both dark and scintillating, dancefloor burner that triggers desperate and dangerous moods through the intersecting relentless pulsating drive of hypnotic, shattering mechanical beats and ominous rumbling bassline undulations, while searing synth swathes expand and swivel around airless, disconnected female vocals disintegrating doubt and fear. Fire and brimstone!   

  • Bern, Switzerland analogue /synthpop /avant pop trio Eutropic “Starry Sky” from “Dream” EP off upcoming “Dark Age Day Dream” LP on Aztec Records

Swiss synthpop trio approaches the full-length album release with another magnificent dose of sparkling and swirling stellar synth chords, hypnotic pulsating rhythms and intense multi-faceted deep emotional croons that fall and glide, fostered with airy backing vocals, in a shuddering release of star-gazing excitement.

  • California post-punk/darkwave solo project PLEASURE POLICY “Divinations” from the EP “Cemetery City”

A dark gem of atmospheric, gothic-tinged post-punk gloom, with echoes of The Dance Society, from the new EP of East Bay DIY artist, “Divinations” triggers driving bass line menace that rumble and vibrate, weaving droning ominous moods, swept by sparse icy synth desolation, amidst scattered off-tempo beats, pierced by sparkling and penetrating guitar stabs, to stop suddenly and gather with deep painful intensity behind distant, resigned vocals drowning in a sea of disconnected hope.

  • Scottish goth/coldwave/post-punk/dark electronic duo of Erin and Ryan Hawthorne, WITCH OF THE VALE “Crash” from the new album “Commemorate” on Metropolis Records
  • Spanish electronic/minimal synth/darkwave project from Barcelona, INTERSIGNO “Dark matter” from “Outer space II” EP
  • Prague-based Czech/Ukrainian electronic artist DMITRIEVNA “Logika” off new EP “Eterno Retorno”
  • French avant-pop duo from Toulon, MARBRE “Engineers and Sailors (Madmoizel Remix)” off MARBRE // “Offshore (Extended Version)” album on Kotoba Records
  • Berlin one-man darkwave/electroclash project DEUS EX LUMINA “NeøMæncer” new single
  • L.A.-based goth-pop duo Patriarchy “Burn The Witch – Drab Majesty Remix” from “Reverse Circumcision: The Remixes” remix LP
  • Brooklyn, NY-based goth/industrial/shoegaze/post-punk sound artist Heidi Lorenz, aka OCTONOMY “Book of Ezekiel” from the single “THE TETRAMORPH” on FaktorMusic
  • Eastleigh, UK coldwave/synthpop/minimal wave solo project L.O.S.E “Scarred like hell”
  • French coldwave/synthwave/minimal synth project from Brittany of IRENE de Milo (bass, guitar and voice) & Boris Völt (drums, synth and guitars), Irène de Milo feat. Premier Mouvement – “De la poussière d’étoiles”   
  • Amsterdam based ‘Goth-Wave’ one-man-band Grimdeluxe “Constant K (KD6-3.7)” new single
  • DIY electronic/coldwave/synthwave/synthpop one-man project, Zervos Eskhatos – “Psychopannychia”               
  • German electronic/darkwave project of Wolfgang Ambros, aka Dark Ambros “Gezeichnet Fürs Leben”           
  • Synth Coldwave/Darkwave/Post-Punk duo from ColombiaDas Kelzer “Peste Negra”                                           
  • Peruvian lo-fi/EBM/industrial/dark synth/coldwave/darkwave project TRIUMVIRS “Bedlam in Judas Manor” from the upcoming album “Venoms of Woe”.                                                                                                              
  • Russian synth-punk duo based in Saint Petersburg, SUPERNOVA 1006 // “We Can Fade Away” new single from the upcoming album “History Of Supernova 1006” on Sierpien Records
  • Seminal early 2000’s French experimental minimal synth project by Alaxis Andreas G. (Bruta Non Calculant), LE SYNDICAT ELECTRONIQUE “Bodywave” (2001) from the compilation “LE SYNDICAT ELECTRONIQUE // Underrated CLASSICS 1999-2003” on Hiératique Records
  • Costa Rica‘s darkwave/new wave/dark synth-pop artist based in San Jose, MAVROSKELETO – “Weight of One” from the new EP “Earthly Hymns”
  • Brooklyn, NY based electronic minimal synthwave/synthpop solo project, E.I.S.H.A [E]lectronically [I]nspired [S]ynth [H]armonzied [A]udio “Cold Reflections” from the EP “Sacred Grounds”
  • Russian electronic/coldwave/minimal/new wave/synth duo from Moscow, EOZDIS “Catharsis” from the debut S/T EP
  • US electronic/industrial pop/synthpop producer, vocalist and engineer from Los Angeles, KANGA “Godless” from upcoming album “You and I” on Artoffact Records
  • Aalborg, Denmark synthpop solo project from the frontman of the Scandinavian band Vaylon, RELIANT “The Woman And The heart – Demo”
  • London-based, German synth-pop singer-songwriter Nina Boldt, NINA “Control (feat. LAU)” from the EP “Control” on Lakeshore Records
  • Miami’s original purveyors of Electronic, Synth-wave Synth-pop band since 1985, Element 104 “Remember December” second single from Element 104’s upcoming album, “Strange Paradise”
  • Russian synthrock/electro project from East Siberia, TAXON LAZARE “Шестьдесят / 60” new single
  • Riverside, Ca 8bit/chiptune/synthpop duo Holographic Catholic “Red Lights” from the upcoming album “Excommunication”
  • Stockholm, Sweden cybersynth/darksynth/synthwave solo project, Irving Force “X-Massacre” new single
  • Legendary early ’80s UK post-punk/new wave band from Mansfield, B-MOVIE “Brighton Beach” new single on Loki Records
  • Berlin-based post-punk/new wave solo project of Maayan Nidam, aka THE WAVES “I’m Still Here” from the new EP “māyā” on Hellium / Cool Mom Records.
  • Tallinn, Estonia lo-fi expressive post-punk band Сны Матильды / Sny Matildy “Июль / July” new single
  • Berlin-based Italo/French/Swedish coldwave/shoegaze/post-punk all-girl trio PLAISIR “Cinema Plaisir” off the new EP “Sap”
  • German darkwave/coldwave solo project from Leipzig, nat.aжa ‘ver.brandt’ new single
  • Italian new wave/post-punk 4-piece from Milan, Clone Culture “A false world” (exclusive track) from V/A “ZEITGEIST VOL. 15” A COLD TRANSMISSION compilation
  • Colombian coldwave/post-punk one-man project of Juan Bolivar based in Bogotá, THE CLUSTER “Unnecessarily deep” from new EP “Particles” on Tres Incendios Temporales
  • Nizhny Novgorod, Russia new wave/post-punk 4-piece band Июльские дни [July Days] “Когда Солнце погаснет” from the new EP “Я хочу стать твоим”
  • Swedish indie/dreampop/post-punk band The Secret French Postcards “The Dream is Gone” from the new album “Colours” on Cold Transmission Records
  • Late 90s Walla Walla, Wa based electronic/post-punk duo Plasticstatic “Burning Light” single released in advance of the album “A Body In The Brush”
  • Tabor, Czech Republic post-punk band D I I S T “No Love” off new EP                                                             
  • Mexico City gothic rock 4-piece Lúcida Fila “Crystal Virgin” new single
  • Birmingham, UK post-punk/goth rock solo project of Dom Sepúlveda (fka Veda), VEDAWAVE “Santanico Pandemonium” new single on Ezi Deth Rekords
  • Frauenfeld, Switzerland synth-punk act S.G.A.T.V. “Pure Fucking Armageddon 2020” off “Don’t talk to me EP on MAGÜT RECORDS
  • Mexican darkwave/Batcave/deathrock/electro horror rock project Cementerio De Eskeletos “Amor Moribundo” new single
  • Mysterious post-punk project Qgeko Jones “Neophytes” (DEMO 2020)                                                                 
  • Italian post-punk/darkwave solo project from Rome, Monoplastic Shape “This does not make sense”               
  • Monterrey, Mexico post-punk/gothic rock trio DELIVERANCE “Skin” new single.                                       
  • Costa Rica based gothic/new wave/post-punk act from San Josè, Ariel Maniki And The Black Halos “My Ignorance” new single
  • Mexico City post-punk/gothic rock band INOVERCY “Sweat Wets Dreams” new single
  • Krasnoyarsk, Russia psych/post-punk collaborative project, Жарок и Искусственные Насаждения “Стреляют!” from the single “Стреляют / Водосброс”
  • French experimental/post-punk/coldwave project of Yannick Rault, Closed Mouth – “The End Of A Fucking Year” new single
  • Argentinian goth/darkwave/post-punkers based in Buenos Aires and Mexico, Sol Oscuro “Soviet Winter” from “Selection 2020” album
  • Mexican deathrock/horror/post-punk trio Skeletal Bats “Miradas Penetrantes” from the album “Rebeldía Nocturna”
  • Italian dark rock /death rock power trio of Fabiano (ex Chants of Maldoror/Spiritual Bats), Mirko (ex Human Disease) e Tony Volume (ex Idol Lips), aka SACRED LEGION “Hole In The Heart” from the upcoming album “The Silent Lineage” on Bat-Cave Productions
  • Houston, TX based post-punk/darkwave solo project (one half of New Today), TWO ONE SIX “Deluxe” new 2-track single
  • Brittany based French post-punk 4-piece ALLEIN IN DER BADEWANNE “Pas de Règles” new single
  • Columbus, Oh post-punk/coldwave solo project, INTO GREY “Dissociate” from the debut album “Picture Perfect”
  • New York new wave/post-punk/synthpop solo project The SERE “The Inheritance” second single
  • Tampa, FL post-punk/darkwave band, Push Button Press “Trace” from the upcoming sophomore album “Black Swan” on Cold Transmission records
  • New York wave/electronic/dream pop/synthpop duo R. Missing “Placeholder for the Night” title track from the new EP “Placeholder for the Night”
  • Sidney, Australia post-punk/dreampop trio Eternal Dust “Salome” off upcoming debut self-titled EP on DERO Arcade                                                                                                                                                             
  • Paris based gothic/ethereal/dream pop/darkwave project founded by Ein Rijin of Evil Symbols and Bat Kalaayan (Lead Singer), aka RITUEL ENCENS “Rituel call” from the debut album “I”
  • Russian indie/post-punk solo project from Moscow, свастика веры [Swastika Of Faith] “мрачный город” debut single                                                                                                                                                               
  • Northern Spanish darkwave/synthwave/shoegaze/post-punk solo project URCO “Last Christmas” (Wham cover)
  • Boston goth/neo-folk solo project The Infinity Ring “Gift of Life” off debut single “Temptress / Gift Of Life”

Masao Yamamoto photography