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Weekly Electronic Music Tips – OCTOBER #41 – 22

  • A STRANGE WEDDING – Rinse France (07 October 2022)                                                                                     

French producer Guillaume H. (Worst Records, Positive Education), aka A Strange Wedding, enthrals and immerses us in his unpredictable, multifaceted and mesmeric sonic excursion in time and space.

  • Brighton, UK based dub /post-punk /techno /industrial /electro Scottish producer Kutkh Jackdaw – “Fires In Your Garden (Dave NULL​/​VOID Remix)” from the self-released “ Fires In Your Garden Remix” EP
  • Scottish producer Kutkh Jackdaw delivers a rather mesmeric, propulsive, and powerful mixed bag of 7 remixes of his own previously released 2020 track, all pretty strong in their own way, with particular mention to the scorching, swarming vortex from the rework by Amsterdam‘s swærm and the stark, steely hardened edge version by Glasgow‘s party stalwart (DJ) Dave NULL VOID in his first production work laced with 80s old-school grimy vibes.

Scottish producer Kutkh Jackdaw delivers a rather ecstatic, propulsive, and powerful mixed bag of 7 remixes from his own previously released 2020 track, all pretty strong in their own way, with particular mention to the scorching, swarming and disruptive noisy vortex from the rework by Amsterdam‘s swærm and stark, steely hardened edge version by Glasgow‘s party stalwart (DJ) Dave NULL VOID in his first production work laced with 80s old-school Industrial grimy vibes.

  • Medellín, Colombia EBM /industrial techno solo project of Juan Camilo Betancur AKA Ofelia Ortodoxa “Belial`s Town” from the cassette EP “Ultra Culto” on SOIL

The talented Colombian producer, always wandering in search of his own sonic dimension, while departing from the early promising Minimal Synth and Darkwave leanings, seems finally settled on an obscure, cinematic and dystopic atmospheric sound fusing elements of Dark Electronics, Ambient, Electro, Industrial and Techno, in a constant tension between a spatial, escapist, sci-fi bent built by somberly emotive, wintry synth sweeps and a shattered, droning and cavernous rhythmic vibrancy that provides a stifling and sludgy earthbound edge.

  • French Acid /Techno /EBM music duo from Bayonne, GBxCL – “Tears (Original Mix)” from “Total Denial” EP on Still Distant Records

Lush and seductive debut single for the French duo GBxCL, where haunting throbbing dancefloors and brooding darkness coalesce seamlessly, imbued with Dark Techno, EBM and Dark Wave vibes.

  • Los Angeles based ambient /meditative /ethereal /drone /electronic project of husband-wife duo James and Cynthia Bernard (marine eyes), AKA Awakened Souls “What gives us meaning” from the album “Music for adverts and film” [a collection of songs previously only available on a music library service written during 20152018]
  • UK ambient /experimental /drone /tape loop /field recordings /electro-acoustic sound artist, Fields We Found “Walk” from the upcoming album album “Trust” on Home Normal
  • Oklahoman ambient /field recordings /sample collage /synth /electronic multi-instrumentalist and producer Mark Daniel Kuykendall, AKA The New Honey Shade “System 100” from the album “NEXUS” via his own Unknown Tone Records (US) and Handstitched* (UK)
  • Danish abstract ambient electronic Copenhagen-based producers Frederik Valentin & Loke Rahbek “Together” title track from the upcoming album “Together” on Posh Isolation
  • Scotland, UK experimental /ambient /electronic producer Neil McDonald, AKA Lord Of The Isles “Lo-Theory” from “Subtle Thoughts” album upcoming on Lapsus Records
  • RostockFrankfurt transplant ambient /electro /new wave /electronic producer Stefan Haag (aka Chinaski), aka S-F-X “Paradies Liebe” from “Portfolio” album
  • Madrid ambient /hypnotic techno DJ-producer Irazu – “Wild God” from “Anything Exist Anymore” album on Semantica Records
  • Italian ambient /deep techno DJ-producer Luigi Tozzi – “Ghost Lake” off V/A “Concrete Series Vol.1″ EP 12” [Concrete Records]
  • Patras, Greece deep /hypnotic /techno DJ-producer Alexskyspirit – “Fundamental #1” from “The Fundamentals” EP upcoming on Edit Select
  • Tel Aviv psych /downtempo /post-punk/electronic collaboration Plazmot & Xen – “Sakana (Khidja‘s Dub Remix)” off upcoming V/A “SHEVA” 2xLP compilation on Malka Tuti
  • Russian new beat /techno /electro DJ/producer and Mosaique Records label head Alexander Moralez, AKA Moralez “Temple Of Light” from the “The Light” EP on Mosaique Records
  • Brazilian acid /breakbeat /electro producer from São Paulo, Henrique Martinelli, AKA Martinelli “Body Wet” from the album “Private Dealer” [Nice & Deadly]                                                                                                     
  • Dundee, Scotland bass /ghettotech /electro producer YTP “D N A” from “DNA” EP on Childplay
  • Medellin, Colombia trance /electro /synth project of musician Juan Camilo Marin Betancur (Cimientos Fecundos), AKA Una gema en escoria “Darshana – Aquario” from the album “The Inner Cosmos” on Pildoras Tapes
  • Latvian post-industrial /new beat /dark electronics producer CRYING SKIES “SHOCK / HORROR”
  • French industrial /dungeon synth /synth doom /dark electronics act Rivière de Corps “La Chair Salée” from the cassette album “Exilé de l’Aube” via Grande Rousse disques and Vague à l’Âme.
  • Bogotà, Colombia industrial techno /rhythmic noise producer Bad Faith Actor “Rumination” from the 7-track cassette “Realm of Forms” [Phage Tapes]
  • Irish industrial /noise /EBM /acid house /techno producer Erik Eviston “Front Toward Enemy” from the cassette album “Sickness” on Phormix
  • Parisian ambient /ritual /breakbeat /industrial /techno producer Nijemi “Zmiya” from “Agasta” EP upcoming on Nayel Records
  • Italian experimental /industrial /ambient /dark electronic producer Giuseppe Sciretti AKA Nigh/T\mare “The Cry Of Diomedee” from [FT002] “Ceremony” EP 12″ upcoming on Forbidden Teachings
  • Los Angeles based dark ambient /industrial /IDM /glitch /electronic artist NUNDALE “Nothing, Nothing” title track from “Nothing, Nothing” EP via his own Errorgrid Records
  • Detroit-born/New York-based electro /synthwave /electronic /new beat project of Nico Nightingale, aka Neud Photo “Let the Meat Cake” from “Boca a Boca” EP upcoming on Samo Records
  • Zürich based New Beat /EBM /Synth Wave /Techno producer (half of GOTT), Scannoir “Industrial Technology” from “Through My Silence” EP upcoming vinyl 12” on Frigio Records
  • Colombian Industrial /Techno /Synth Dark Wave DJ-producer-performer Ana Gartner – “My Perfect Kind Of Line (Ravetop Remix)” from the cassette EP “Electric Shocks” on Pildoras Tapes
  • Dutch industrial /dark electro wave artist Sophie Hütten aka ‘Vrouwe Fataal’, aka Sophie du Palais “Our Ritual That Is” from the upcoming V/A “COULER SUR LE VISAGE VOL. I” tape compilation on COMME DES LARMES
  • Berlin/UK industrial techno /EBM new project of Sarin & Qual AKA General Dynamics “Interrogation Sequence” from the upcoming debut album “Weaponize Your Dreams” on X-MIG
  • Berlin-based EBM /industrial /hard techno CubanAmerican musician Joey Blush, AKA Blush Response “Mindshell” from “Shockpoint” EP on Megastructure_
  • Vilnius based EBM /industrial /techno electronic producer Adjusted “Demolition Day”
  • Moscow-based electro /EBM /dark techno DJ-producer and Maxima Culpa Records co-founder, GEGEN MANN “Bella Ragazza” from V/A “OBERWAVE VOL. 5” compilation on Oberwave Records
  • Berlin-based Industrial /Techno duo Schwefelgelb “Einer Macht Den Twist” from “Whirlpool-Gedanken” EP upcoming on their own label n-PLEX
  • Spanish EBM /industrial /techno /dark electronics /punk militant political project Abraxas “La maté porque era mía feat Espectra Negra” from the double album “Dancing as an act of rebellion” upcoming on Soil Records
  • Ambient /Industrial /Techno producer (AKA Baka and DJ Chainsawman), PEDROLINO “Antics (swærm Remix)” from the cassette EP “In The Cut” on N.I.M Tapes
  • Valparaiso, Chile body music /industrial techno producer and part of La Cripta collective, Spinal  “Overthinking is killing me” from the “Vampiro” EP on Pildoras Tapes
  • Spanish dark synth /synthwave project Nightcrawler “Turbulence” single.
  • System of a Down -” Aerials (TonalTheory Edit)” hard techno edit by Washington DC duo [Undertone UTES002]
  • Italian experimental /tribal /psych /techno /electronic producer Markeno “Fase 01” from upcoming EP “DOCK LOWN [EXPLORING]” on Random Numbers
  • Berlin-based electro /acid /EBM /cold wave /post-disco GrecoGerman duo Vamparela & Brax Moody, aka Local Suicide “Eros Anikate feat. Lena Platonos (Boys’ Shorts Remix)” from the second remix EP “Artemis Remixes” [ Iptamenos Discos ]
  • Mexico City/Berlin punk /psychedelic rock /dub /dark electronic dance collaboration Theus Mago & Curses “Dafne” from “Antidoto” EP on Optimo Music
  • Zurich, Switzerland techno /electro /new wave /dark electronic producer and Relish label boss Robi Insinna, a.k.a. Headman “Not About” 2nd single from the upcoming Headman album on Relish
  • Dresden, Germany electro /synthpop duo ÄTNA “Won’t Stop (Perel Remix)” from the remix album “Remade By Desire” on The Uncanny Valley
  • Israel electronic /dark disco /indie dance duo Eliezer and AckerMan, aka Deadly Weapons Feat. C.A.R. “I Do Not Feel Afraid” title track from the upcoming EP [Nein Records]
  • Parisian new beat /Italo disco /electronic producer Orchid – “Bodywork” from “Automaticamore” EP on TAKT Recordings
  • Spanish industrial /dark disco /slow techno producer (one half of 2 Rare People), JG Outsider “Oddisey” from “Dracul” EP upcoming on Nein Records
  • San Francisco indie dance /techno /dark disco veteran DJ, producer, and label boss at Roam Recordings (aka JP Soul), Jason Peters “What Are You Saying (Zillas On Acid Remix)” off “Little Cages” EP [Roam Recordings]
  • Spanish/French Indie Dance /Electro /Wave /Dark Disco production duo Javier Ferreira & MMYYLO – “Can’t Hear You” title track from upcoming EP via Side UP Works
  • Guadalajara, Mexico indie dance /psych /disco /electronic DJ-producer Vongold ‘DAC’ from V/A ‘Pals Vol. 6’ compilation [Play Pal Music]
  • UK cold wave /indie dance /dark pop /electronic musician, producer and Her Majesty’s Ship Records head David Shaw, AKA Black Mental “I Need Rest” from “I Need Rest” EP on Rotten City Files                             
  • Valencia-based Techno /Trance duo formed by Dani Soto & Fes Bondat, AKA Mecanica Celeste – “RIAD” from debut EP “Orbital Resonance”
  • Cannes, France cosmic synth /Italo disco producer Panthera – “20000” off “Synthesizer Hits” EP upcoming on Bordello A Parigi
  • Italian Italo Disco maestro Marcello Giordani DJ feat. Fred Ventura “Mysterious Calls (In The Night)” second single of the upcoming LP “Advanced Process” on Slow Motion Records
  • Bogotá, Colombia indie dance /nu-disco /electronic producer Felipe Abondano Turbay aka LAFRENCH TOAST – “Didgeridoo (Original Mix)” from V/A “The Key” album compilation on Boite Music / Spa In Disco
  • Mysterious synth wave /cosmic disco moniker Death Parade – “The Devil’s Drive” from V/A ” Slow Motion & Ritmo Fatale present Universo Parallelo” compilation                                                                           
  • Italian Italo Disco /Synthpop producers Fred Ventura and Paolo Gozzetti aka ITALOCONNECTION “All Over (Flemming Dalum Remix)” from “Midnight Reworks″ album Vinyl + CD on Moredisco / Blanco Y Negro
  • Los Angeles based ambient /cinematic /electronic music producer Akuratyde “Gone Days (Synkro Remix)” from the CD album “Conversations With Ghosts” on his own Modern Conveniences
  • Northern New Mexico based drone folk ambient project multi-instrumentalist musician, artist, and woodworker from Texas (half of dream-pop duo Tan Cologne), Lauren Helene Green “Peak Morning Reflections” from the album “Outer Highway Realms” on Royal Oakie Records LLC
  • Los Angeles based ambient /drone /experimental /electro-acoustic musician Dann Michael Torres AKA Meanderings “Silent Nights, Borrowed Time I” from the 8th album “Our Hope Is Lost At Sea” on El Muelle Records.
  • Hobart, Australia ambient /electronic project of Martin Kennedy (half of Kilbey Kennedy), All India Radio – “The Book” from the album “Beyond Tomorrow (Original Soundtrack)” music for the upcoming documentary “Beyond Tomorrow: The Futuristic Art of Roy Scarfo”
  • UK experimental /electronic /hauntronica from the heart of the English Lake District, The Heartwood Institute “Honeysuckle” from the EP “Hedge” on Woodford Halse
  • Spokane‘s ambient /drone /experimental /electronic sound artist Drew Sullivan, AKA Slow Dancing Society “Shelter” from the album “Meridians Murmur and Sun Makes” [Hidden Shoal]
  • Australian ambient /experimental artist, vocalist and musician living in Paris (one half of dream-pop duo Heligoland), Karen Vogt “cloud eighteen” from “Little Pink Fluffy Clouds B” second album in her “Little Pink Fluffy Clouds” series.
  • US ambient /space music artist Phillip Wilkerson “Time and Intention” from “Silver Afternoon” album
  • Indianapolis ambient/ drone/ ethereal/ electronic artist Zakè “Catch, Unfurled [zakè & Wayne Robert Thomas]” off the long-form cassette EP “Unfurled Works” on Zakè Drone Recordings
  • London, UK experimental /ambient /field recordings/ techno solo project Bushes “Resignation For A Redevelopment At Catford Island” title track from “Resignation For A Redevelopment At Catford Island”
  • Hyogo, Japan based ambient /field recordings /piano artist Masakatsu Takagi “Marginalia #115”
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