WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #35


Peaks Of The Week:

  • Yorkshire, UK experimental/ambient/kosmische/analogue synth musician CRAVEN FAULTS “Intakes (Pye Corner Audio Rework)” from “Lowfold Reworks” EP

UK experimental cinematic electronic sculptor Pye Corner Audio re-shapes the 17 minutes-long droning, psychedelic cosmic synth odissey of the original into a concise, sweeping, hazy and pulsing seductive reverie of hypnotic rhythmic patterns and dazzling stellar swirls infused with mesmeric and dazzling sheer analogue warmth that immerse the listener into an otherworldly dimension.

  • Budapest, Hungary experimental electronic producer Alpár “This Is Our Time (All letters appearing in this title are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons or record labels is purely coincidental.)” from V/A “Dalmata Daniel meets Farbwechsel” [Compilation] via Budapest‘s Dalmata Daniel and Farbwechsel.

24 European producers, some already well known as S Olbricht, Norwell, Imre Kiss and Pleasure Model, transport the listener into the fascinating, eclectic electronic universe of Budapest‘s labels Dalmata Daniel and Farbwechsel. Home-bred experimentalist Alpár delivers a hypnotic, shimmering and twinkling electronic haze edging by bewitching yet eerie fluttering chords.

  • Chicago-based industrial/EBM/electro musician Beau Wanzer “Never Look Back” from the new EP “Do the Spider Shimmy” on Suction Records

The new EP, through the ever forward-thinking Suction Records, from Detroit experimentalist Beau Wanzer, while littered with his uniquely hypnotic, dissonant and oblique heady concoction of differents sonic elements varying from electro, techno and industrial, find also space for a pulsing, robotic, slightly acidic, minimal synth gem.

  • Italian dark ambient/martial/post-industrial/dark techno collective CARNERA – ”I legionari di Ronchi” unreleased track to celebrate the centenary of Fiume enterprise.
  • Greek industrial/power electronics project Matriarchy Roots – ”Lifestyle (After The Rise Comes The Fall)” from the upcoming ltd. 6-track cassette “Changing Habits” on Strange Therapy           
  • San Bernardino, CA esoteric experimental electronic minimal synth drone duo, GERMAN ARMY “A System of Deceit” from cassette album “Reset Personality” on Faith Disciplines
  • Berlin-based experimental/electronic/dark ambient/post-industrial/darkwave project by Warsaw‘s duo Lee and Michal Laudarg aka NNHMN [Non-Human Persons] “Mothership” from sophomore album “Church of No Religion” via K Dreams / Zoharum                                                                                                          
  • Brussels based EBM/techno/electro/minimal synth duo of BrusselsKrishna Goineau (Liaisons Dangereuses) and Barcelona‘s Jordi Guber (Líneas Aereas), VELODROME “Glasfabrik” from the Dark Entries Records‘ reissue of “На Велодроме 141″ 12” (originally released in 1988 on Animalized label)
  • Swedish industrial/electronic/EBM project of Anders Karlsson (Severe Illusion and The Pain Machinery), Celldöd “Eko” from forthcoming V/A “OMBRA FESTIVAL Unusual Sounds Gathering Volume 1” via Oráculo Records                                                                                                                                                                      
  • Finnish EBM/Industrial Techno/Acid producer Mikko Virtala, aka Viktor Kalima “Segmented Virtual Memory” from the upcoming cassette “Loyalty Beyond” on AMOK Tapes
  • London based experimental techno producer Joseph Bianchi, aka End Train – “Into The Sun’s Maze (Oscar Mulero percussive remix)” from upcoming EP “Breaking The Silence (incl. Oscar Mulero and VSK remixes)” on Metempsychosis Records
  • Copenhagen, Denmark experimental/dark techno producer Schacke “A Future Not Materialized” from the EP “Make Them Remember” on Kulør 005
  • Paris-base new electronic/EBM/industrial techno side project of Rendez-Vous‘ member Maxime Gendre, aka MAXIMUM TRAUMA “Full Speed Karma”                                                                                                                                      
  • Spokane, WA experimental/dark synth/electronic/witch house producer Frank Ocean, BLVCK CEILING ” So Numb” new single via his own Polycoffin label.
  • Los Angeles, CA industrial experimental hip-hop trio CLIPPING “La Mala Ordina (with The Rita) (feat. Elcamino & Benny The Butcher)” from upcoming “There Existed an Addiction to Blood” LP on Sub Pop
  • EBM/industrial/dark electro project of Australian musician Charles Fenech, aka ANGELTHEORY “Into The Fall” title-track from new EP
  • London-based UK/Italian industrial techno/EBM/dark electronics duo High Speed Violence “Freebase” off of V/A “War Phase” via SCTR
  • Belgian dark electronic/electro /noise /industrial/techno producer Hundred Crusades “Another Someday” from upcoming V/A “Inexistencia” debut cassette compilation via new Lima’s imprint Acero.                               
  • Corfu-based, Greek experimental/industrial/dark electronic project of Dimitris Doukas (aka Leftina Osha and Vile Temper), Restive Plaggona “Industrial Training Experience” from the new “Double Standards” EP on SNTS Records
  • South Italian lo-fi/esoteric/EBM/industrial/dark techno/electro producer NATHANIEL “No Will To Break” from the new EP “Born Of God And Void” soon to be released on Dead By Overdose                             
  • French coldwave/post-punk/dark electronic trio from Toulouse, BLIND.DELON “Edouard (Unconscious Remix)” from upcoming cassette EP “Edouard (Remixed Part. II)”
  • Córdoba , Argentina industrial techno Dj/producer Matías Fernández, aka DISTANT “Hidden (Delectro Remix)” from the cassette album “Fallen Emperor” on Detriti Records
  • Glasgow electronic duo of Craig Morrison & Graeme Reedie, aka Silicone Soul – “Fahrenheit 625 (Theus Mago & Id!r Remix)” off “Darkroom Dubs Traxx” compilation series.                                                       
  • Berlin-based Romanian born industrial electronic/dark disco DJ and producer Miruna Boruzescu aka Borusiade “Wasteland” from upcoming EP “Misfits of Broken Dreams” out October 7 on Pinkman
  • Moscow, Russian electronic duo of brothers Sasha & Sergey Lipsky aka Simple Symmetry “Nar (Autarkic Remix)” off of upcoming EP “Nar” on Low Budget Family
  • Mexican dark disco/acid/techno/electronic producer ROLIVA “Miento Movi – MontCosmik remix” from the upcoming EP “La Gente Del Futuro” on NEIN Records
  • Tver, Russia electro music producer Platoon Quick, aka PQ17 – “I’m Alright” from upcoming 12″ EP “Somnus Ambulo” on Nocta Numerica Records
  • French horror soundtrack/space disco/dark synth/electronic producer (half of the dark synthwave duo The Hunt), Herbert West, aka VORTICE MORTALE “Voci Dal Nulla” from the upcoming EP “Memento Mori” via Waste Editions
  • UK bass-heavy eclectic electronic producer Paul Woolford (aka Bobby Peru), aka Special Request – “Shepperton Moon Landing” from upcoming album “Offworld” on Houndstooth
  • Berlin-based techno/electro DJ and producer and Fever AM label head originating from Tel Aviv and Los Angeles, MOR ELIAN “Farewell to The Snare” from the upcoming “Radical Spectacular” on Fever AM
  • Berlin-based experimental/ambient techno producer and live-act and member of the Valian Kollektiv, Peals Wake – “Cave” from V/A “End Of Perception – Y” compilation on End Of Perception
  • Brooklyn, NY based experimental electronic moniker of Selwa Abd, aka BERGSONIST “Sin” from the new EP ص on bizaarbazaar
  • Cairo, Egypt based ambient electronic producer/songwriter Hana Mashhour aka J!N “ya no ( a )” from debut full length “pink stm & wite ptl” on HIZZ
  • Paris based wave/disco/kraut /post-punk /electronic producer and I’m A Cliche label head Benjamin Boguet, aka COSMO VITELLI “TISJA FEAT. TANJA VESIC” from the new “UN EPISODE PSYCHOTIQUE” EP on Ivan Smagghe’s Les Disques De La Mort
  • Chicago-based contemporary electronic musician and former Emeralds, Steve Hauschildt – “Subtractive Skies” from forthcoming LP “Nonlin” on Ghostly International.                                                                                              
  • Barcelona, Spain ethereal/minimal electronics/synthpop duo of Wladyslaw Trejo & Lunademayo, SLOVENSKA TELEVIZA – ”Cuento Polaco” off of V/A “Undulating Waters 3” on Woodford Halse
  • German ambient/electro-acoustic/minimal synthesist and composer from Frankfurt, Jogging House “Breaks” from the upcoming album “When” on Dauw
  • Grimstad, Norway experimental/ambient producer Ingvar Tautra, aka Agnostura Elwar “Converging”

Naoto Tsujimoto