WL//WH Video Of The Day: SECRET ATTRACTION “Strawberry”

Video Of The Day Secret Attraction 

Secret Attraction, the electronic solo project of Phoenix, Arizona-based musician Derek Wise, is fresh from releasing his last EP “Strawberry”, cassette & Digital, through the Californian independent label Stratford Ct. , five riveting immersive tunes carved on energic beats and densely enveloping lush synth melodies, to create spacey and daydreaming thick meditative dimension permeated with bittersweet melancholy and painful yearning, amid subtly flickers of tension, floating on the blurry line between dream pop and chillwave with irresistible retro 80s vibes.

An enticing cinematic new video, directed & cinematographed by Sam Sausedo (IG @samsausedo) and starring  Gem Anderson & Derek Wise himself (IG @geminicrickett), for the brooding title track “Strawberry” has just been shared.

Lashing and sizzling, off-tempo beats shuffle atop a low warbling bassline, while hazily anxious, spacious melodies and glazing synth strains quiver amid gentle cheerless male vocals, falling hopelessly in despair amid the nostalgic chilling rhythms.

Introspective lyrics desperately long, cry and search for a fading love life.

Moody video switches day and night imagery atop dramatic acting scenes to depict the emotional imbalance found in a relationship on the rocks. A distressed man runs down a street lined with palm trees at sunset, as flashbacks of a romantic drive, a strawberry tattoo, and a heated argument fill his mind. Remorse, fear, and melancholy transpire across his face, while red lighting, time-lapse photography, and symbolism enhance the angsty tone of the video drawing you into the core of heartache and passion.

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