WL//WH Track Of The Day: NECRØ “Deathward”

WL//WH Track Of The Day  NECRØ

Lisbon-based duo NECRØ originates from the occult alchemy between  João Vairinhos (LÖBO, Wildnorthe)’s sinister and evocative intricate synthetic textures, combined with tight and crisp simmering drum programming, and Sara Inglês (Wildnorthe)’s idiosyncratic magnetic voice, to pull compulsively danceable tropes from Coldwave, Dark Wave and Electro, dusted with Industrial clangs.

While finishing their debut album, the Portuguese act dropped the new single “Deathward”, ready to celebrate the fresh association with the German label Cold Transmission Music, included in the upcoming “ZEITGEIST CHROME VOL Compilation. 02”, alongside bands from the dark electro and coldwave scene such as Years of Denial, SYZYGYX, Kalte Nacht and Noromakina.

As if staring into an abyss and seeing oneself, the lyrics capture the fascination with death we all have, but through a lens of no afterlife.

A deeply infectious, tightly wound Industrial-charged Electro-Wave number, “Deathward” unbridles a relentless snappy whiplash drum programming, laced with growling and droning basslines, thumping ruthlessly in a high-voltage thunderous roller, fueled by harsh alarming synth sweeps, whilst powerful, bewitching, and rebellious female vocals, cast in defiant cries, release anger into a heartless dark menace.

Cold Transmission Music label‘s LP compilation series “ZEITGEIST CHROME VOL. 2″, will be released on digital edition on March 29th, while a pre-order for the limited Vinyl 12″ edition (250 copies) is available now.

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