WL//WH Video Of The Day: M73 “Empty”

Video Of The Day  M73  

While widely renowned for a power noise and EBM sound behind bands such as Negant, Am Tierpark, Mirland/Larsen, Eisenwolf, Holm/Mirland, Bitter Distrust and more, Danish electronic composer and producer John R. Mirland explores darker and more intimate sonic territories through his solo project M73.

The musician has dropped an abstract video for the atmospheric dark synth-pop track “Empty,” the second single, mastered by Claus Larsen (Leæther Strip, Am Tierpark and many more), from the upcoming album “Motor Romantik” via, LÆBEL.

Hypnotic dark electro infused frequencies wind the expanding dismal motion of ceremonial glowing synth flows with the electrified ominous throbs of a pulsing syncopated bass line, and clanking, dragging rhythms to form a cold, tumultuous tide around biting, detached male vocals releasing emotional pain and disenchanted sentiments into the brooding destruction of lonely dreams.

Poetic lyrics use dark metaphors to reveal an overwhelming dissatisfaction in a relationship.

Black and white photography, directed by Greek art photographer Anna Tartaglia, switches scenes of Mother Nature’s vast beauty with gritty, rundown, abandoned urban structures to form a dramatic metaphor for a broken-down relationship. Romantic coastlines, deep forest trees, and falling watersheds create a harmonious flow of cooperation set against the rundown disarray of graffiti-strewn parking lots and shadowy streets. Spinning motion, skewed camera angles, and contrasting elements of fabric, metal, and glass draw an organic sensibility to the otherwise detached visuals.

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