WL//WH Video Of The Day: DUCTAPE “Never”

Video Of The Day Ductape

Following their debut “Labirent”, one of our favourite albums from last year, Turkish Post-Punk /Dark Wave duo based in Istanbul, Ductape, fully display the increasing gripping intensity and chaos that encircle their just released sophomore 8-track LP, “Ruh”, via Swiss Dark Nights, in the first video clip, “Never”.

Distorted rumbling bass lines relentlessly drive doomed regret and secret shame through a bleak and frozen dimension of high celestial screams, hard-hitting drumbeats, cool eerie synth blazes, and burning guitar riffs of impassioned flames whilst haunted heartfelt vocals dig into the graves of stone-cold pain, aching hot desire, and ghastly cutting whispers of hate and misery to create a ghostly gothic journey through the hallowed halls of bad choices, open wounds, and unfulfilled dreams.

A chilling video, by Baran Tonyali, Orbay Koç and Ductape, employs an old treasure map to guide a lost soul down a frigid seashore in search of hidden truths. Ancient crumbling ruins set a supernatural backdrop for a black-clad couple whose magnetic music performance draws from universal symbols and subconscious memories of archetypal fear. Long, sinister angles from the Winter sun cast deformed shadows of doubt over intimate facial expressions to reveal deep traumatic scars lying at the root of self-imposed bondage.

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