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Weekly Electronic Music Tips – AUGUST #32-22

Preston Bus Station by Keith Ingham and Charles Wilson. Photo courtesy of BDP

  • SHISHI Podcast Series 016 | JACK CAREL                                                                                                               

Courtesy of Tbilisi‘s independent label SHISHI, veteran Tel Aviv‘s DJ/producer Jack Carel drops another eclectic yet solid and uncompromising set, merging Electro, Wave, Techno, Breaks and all in between, to carry relentless trance-inducing dance-floor emotions that stretch boundaries, stir bodies and twist minds.

  • Hinkley, Ca industrial /dubstep /experimental rap producer (aka Soul Collector, aka Lieu Noir, aka Sniper Bait), CRAVE “Waffles” from the EP half Life” on Paso Inferior Tapes
  • Paris-based EBM /industrial /acid /techno /new beat producer Gaël Durieux, AKA Zenau – “Unsatisfied Desires” from upcoming EP “Unsatisfied Desires” on SOIL
  • Russian ambient /jungle /breaks /techno producer Dawn Razor “Getting (Yushh‘s Dusk Mix)” from “Scary Movies” EP on London’s Of Paradise
  • Boulder, Colorado ambient electronic sound artist Third Eye Sound “The Cycle Of Illumination”
  • Miami, Fl-based experimental /ambient /electronic solo side project of Jenna Balfe from post-punk band Donzii, AKA Butters – “Cave Person” from the upcoming V/A “Side By Side” double cassette compilation on Noir Age
  • Shenzhen, China ambient /techno /noise /electronic project KAGAMI Smile. “The Light That Lasted There” from “Fever Dream” album on 時の崖_tokinogake
  • UK ambient /cyberpunk /techno /rave /drum & bass /electronic producer Dennis Huddleston, a.k.a. 36 “Room 6 (Reinterpreted)” from the reinterpretation of the 2016 album “The Infinity Room (Reinterpreted by 36)” on 3six Recordings
  • London-based acid /techno/wave /electro artist Birds “Dance Of The Cobra” off of 4-track EP upcoming on Freeride Millenium
  • UK experimental /noise /industrial /techno artist Oliver Ho, aka BROKEN ENGLISH CLUB “Snub” from the new album “The Artificial Animal” on his Death & Leisure label.
  • Frankfurt-based EBM /dark post-punk /coldwave duo Babes of Enola Grey “ Narben (Incendie Remix)” from the tape album “Anfang vom Ende (Remixed)” on Crave Tapes.
  • Hamburg, Germany EBM /industrial /punk /electro /wave duo Levente Pavelka and Johannes Haas AKA Schulverweis – “Partisane” from [XLR8R+039] EP curated by Elena Colombi/Osàre! Editions along with XLR8R
  • Italian experimental /EBM /electronic /techno producer Francesco Baudazzi (aka Violet Poison), aka Diana Berti ”Winter Without You” from “I’m Your Phaser” LP on Exterminador
  • Italian EBM /Italo /electro DJ, Producer, Remixer and head of Mannequin Records, Alessandro Adriani – ”Technological Death” from “Rapid Eye” EP on L.I.E.S. Records
  • Naples, Italian industrial /EBM /new beat /techno /synth producer Francesco Tella, aka NGHTLY “Kisses & Wishpers” from upcoming cassette EP “Il Venerdì Dell’Arte” [X-IMG]
  • Tunis based techno /EBM project by OYBN, ~_~ “Tsugunai”
  • Medellín, Colombia lo-fi experimental /electro /industrial /synth-punk /EBM /techno solo project of Faunes Efes, aka FILMMAKER “The Afterlight” from the double album “Latent Alters”
  • Austin, TX based EBM /industrial /experimental /techno /electronic duo Joshua Cordova (FIT Sound, Syntetik) and Santiago Leyba (Only Violets, Locked In Blue, Western Versions), AKA Mures “B, Trains of Thought” from the upcoming “Rare Metal” EP on Lux Rec.
  • Rubi, Barcelona noise /techno /electro project of Rafael M. Espinosa (aka Univac), aka Geistform ”Incertidumbre” from V/A “鬼面 : 영혼의 시작” EP on GWI MYEON RECORDS
  • Leipzig, Germany hardcore /trance /techno producer dj break da law – “Ratking” from V/A “5 Years of COUP | Part I” compilation on Berlin‘s COUP
  • Russian hard techno producer (aka Ectopic, PHYS I CAAL), DRAAG “Victimized” from 12″ split EP “DJ VALENTIMES & DRAAG” on Voight-Kampff Records
  • LA-based rave /breaks /techno producer Wheez-ie “Stolen Moments” title track from the upcoming EP [HAVEN]
  • Amsterdam based experimental /broken beats /dub /acid /electro /leftfield techno producer and Galactic Funk co-founder, Bertram “Clabo Den Bo Caha Di Morto” from V/A “Through consumption and entertainment” compilation via Sons of Traders label in collaboration with Mutant Radio Tbilisi.
  • Italian experimental /industrial /noise /techno punk producer Andrea Natale, aka ANNA FUNK DAMAGE – “Not Easy” from V/A “Unrealistic Electronics Vol. 1” cassette compilation out now on Unrealistic Expectations
  • French experimental /synthwave /electro producer from Bordeaux, Jauzas The Shining “Traveling Light” from the upcoming V/A “The Analog Theory” EP 12″ on Gladio Operations
  • Hungarian electro-funk /electro producer Tamás Olejnik AKA MetaComplex “Android DNA (Genetic Redesign)” from “Midnight Neutrino Flow” EP
  • Leeds, UK IDM /acid /techno /breaks /electro producer Viers – ‘Summoning Salt’ off 6-track EP ‘Summoning Salt’ on Typeless.
  • Lithuanian hip-hop gone dance band, Pompa “Pompa (Wolg x Kandy Killers Remake)” on whypeopledance
  • Rotterdam based, Dutch ambient /house /electropop producer Betonkust “Make It Worse” from “Concrete Coast” album on World Of Paint
  • Berlin-based collaborative Electro /New Wave /Dark Disco band project by the producer Kalipo and the DJ/producer couple Local Suicide fronted by Greek native Dina P., DINA SUMMER “Mars (Mountains Of Dust Edit)” from the single “Mars” 
  • Berlin-based Italo disco/electro/electronic producer Italo Brutalo – “Heat Of The Knight” from upcoming “Heartware” EP [Bungalo Disco]
  • Cologne, Germany nu-disco /indie dance DJ and producer Claus Casper – “Hip Shakin Mama (Gerd Janson Piano Dub Mix)” from “Hip Shakin Mama” EP [True Romance]
  • London/Barcelona disco /house /electronic duo Antic & Della – “Dream House” from “New Wave” EP [Dreamhouse Recordings]
  • Lebanese techno /trance /electronic producer Omrann “g-dub” from CD album “Jin” on Magdalena’s Apathy [M.A019]
  • Christchurch, New Zealand techno /breaks producer Harvo – “Cerebral Decline” from upcoming EP “Burning Sky” [Club Unique]
  • Amsterdam via Wales breaks /acid /electro /techno DJ-producer Maroki “Pots & Pans & Handstands” title track from the upcoming EP on Lobster Theremin
  • Barcelona, Spain ambient/ dub/ hypnotic dark techno producer DRONEGHOST “Storm Lover” from the album “Dark Skies”
  • Japanese ambient /experimental /deep techno producer Hideo Kobayashi [Positive Wizard] “Methodical Love” from “All Of You” EP on Dewtone Recordings
  • L.A. based ambient /drone /experimental artist Paige Emery “Shimmering” from the split cassette album “Energy Hum: Volume Three” with Syncing Ships & System Set on Mutation Records
  • Berlin-based US experimental /noise /drone /ambient /electronic musician, Angelo Harmsworth – “Aporia (feat. Felisha Ledesma)” from the upcoming vinyl 12″ album “Singe” on Students of Decay
  • Silver Spring, Maryland experimental /ambient /drone long-time solo project of Jeff Barsky, AKA Infection Chain “Infection Chain” from the new album ‘Celestial Cycles’ on Already Dead Tapes and Records
  • New York‘s ambient /experimental electronic sound artist James Hoff “Other Sirens” from the “Inverted Birds and Other Sirens” on PAN
  • Toronto, Ontario ambient /drone duo of Scott M2 (Scott McGregor Moore) and Jamie Todd (URM), aka dreamSTATE “Summer’s Drone” single
  • Long-standing experimental /ambient /electronic project of Sydney-based visual artist Danny Wild, AKA Low Flung “Zzzzzzzzzzz”
  • Ambient /experimental /classical /field recordings /electronic collaboration between Mexican-born classical guitarist Morgan Szymanski and Scottish experimental musician Tommy Perman, Morgan Szymanski and Tommy Perman “Pipistrellus” from the album “Music for the Moon and the Trees” on Blackford Hill
  • Polish ambient /field recordings /processed tape /modular synth /electronic artist (AKA Minoo), PRUSKI “Moment III” from the 6th album “Moments of Immersion” on Whitelabrecs
  • Montreal, Quebec dreamy lo-fi ambient sound artist LAMASZ “Coloration” from the vinyl /CD album “Le Vitrail” on Stereoscenic Records
  • Indianapolis‘ ambient /drone /minimal /electronic duo Zakè & Wayne Robert Thomas “Addendum 1″ from the album “To Those Who Dwelt in a Land of Deep Darkness” on Past Inside the Present
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Preston Bus Station by Keith Ingham and Charles Wilson