WL//WH Video Of The Day: SONSOMBRE “Anthem For The Broken”

Video Of The Day  SONSOMBRE

Northern Virginia’s classic Gothic Rock revivalists, led by Brandon Pybus (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Dave Butry (guitar), Charlotte Lanteri (sequencing), & Michael Louis (Drums, bass) AKA  Sonsombre release a metaphorical video for  “Anthem For The Broken”, the title track from the band’s latest EP via Cleopatra Records, five compelling new tracks, including a cover of W.A.S.P.‘s “Wild Child”, steeped in a noirish atmospheric spell, to strike a fine balance between edgy energy and infectious dramatic and haunting melodies, which, whilst respecting the canons of the genre, ceaselessly succeeds, like few others, to give life to morbidly captivating and gripping obscure sound.

“Anthem For The Broken” transmits dark, obsessive, and urgent moods through layers of winding sharp guitar riffs, pulsing twinkling ripples, hard-hitting drum beats, thunderous, chugging bass lines, and Brandon Pybus’ signature baritone broods and convictions, to construct a nocturnal tidal wave of rising tensions, infused with catchy communal lyrics, inviting unified light into a growing sense of darkness amid the painful atmospheric oppression of uncertainty and gloom.

Etheric portals of the heart and mind open pathways to healing around a weary black-clad traveller, whose journey across the Virginia countryside leads to friendship, freedom, and transcendental bliss. Translucent overlays bridge time and space betwixt ancient ruins and ritual enlightenment to break the heavy force of invisible shackles from the dancing spirits of sovereign knowledge. Universal symbols cloaked in occultic undertones arouse the mind’s eye of introspection, whilst edgy attire, blinding shadows and evocative choreography enhance the lyrical theme of alienating pain with murky, shape-shifting visions left strengthening under a cloudy grey horizon of fate.

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