WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #45

  • VELAX – Oberwave Mix 103                                                                                                                                    

Fresh from a striking row of impressive remixes, a fine track on the recent Oberwave sampler and a strong EP on Nein Records, Russian producer and DJ Velax teases a shimmering cosmic ride of ‘sensual body music decadence’ for the ceaselessly chugging Saint Petersburg‘s Oberwave community, ripe with New Beat, Dark Disco, Slow Techno and beyond with a bold experimental twist.

  • Berlin-based EBM/dark electronic/techno/Italo disco Toulouse‘s producer, DJ and live artist (part of Imperial Black Unit, Infravision and Lost Highway), aka Lapse Of Reason, PABLO BOZZI “Broken Siren” off upcoming EP “Last Moscow Mule” on Jennifer Cardini & Noura Labbani’s Dischi Autunno imprint.                                     

After deeply enjoyed his DJ set a few weeks ago, the French artist is back with a stunning 4-track EP through his, both fresh and familiar, distinctive dizzying mix of Italo Disco, EBM, Wave, Breakbeat and Techno. Our fave, maybe because it reminds us of bygone syncopated percussive pulsions never forgotten, triggers mystical droning desires to ignite raw, ritual broken beat’s hypnotic irregular flow, through the dizzying flutter of synth glow expansions and ominous oscillating bassline threat, as subconscious dimensions split deadly danger with shamanic cries into the “Broken Siren‘s” grinding dancefloor rhythms.

  • Belgrade, Serbia dark drone experimental electronic producer Anđelina Mićić aka Zhe Pechorin “Compulsive Loner” off the upcoming V/A “White Waters” tape compilation on Minor Adjustments

Serbian producer slightly deviates from her ambient droney moods, at least as I personally knew her, with the shimmering darkness of low primal bass that urges to spread secret ritual pulses, through nocturnal ghostly horizons, striking fear and envy into hypnotic crisp and stark echoing percussive tones, rising with uncertain intensities of latent desire into a swelling sea of subconscious angst. Check out the experimental electronic tape compilation from up-and-coming Eastern European producers via Belgrade’s Minor Adjustments.

  • South of Italy lo-fi/esoteric/EBM/industrial/dark techno/electro producer (aka Sharplines), NATHANIEL “Near/Side” off the cassette EP “Friction Between Poison and Cure” on his own Dead By Overdose

Unmistakable DIY cassette label from Southern Italy scares away its EBM-embedded lo-fi, dark and noisy industrial techno monster Nathaniel with relentless destructive drive crushing erratic bass eruptions strewn in vigorous mechanical beats creating an aggressive outflow of dramatic vocalizations, steeped in detached fate and desperate fear, struggling to arise from the overpowering magnetism of cracking rhythms.

  • UK hauntronica from the heart of the English Lake District, The Heartwood Institute “Circle Of Protection” from the EP “Witchseason”
  • Brighton, UK experimental/ambient/cinematic/IDM/electronic producer ITAL TEK “The Lake” from the new album “Seraph”
  • Birmingham, UK rhythmic noise-techno iconoclast Karl O’Connor (Downwards records, Sandwell District collective, British Murder Boys), REGIS “New Flame ( It’s Inside You )” from the new album “Tongue Box” (reworked and remastered versions of the Blackest Ever Black-era recordings) on Downwards Records
  • Turin-based Italian experimental/electro/dark techno DJ and producer Matteo Viani, aka BLACK SEED “Bayar” new single
  • Berlin based Taiwanese experimental techno producer Jing – 我早就全都忘記 from V/A “Communion” on Perpetual Care
  • Belgian analogue synth project of Metroland‘s Passenger S, aka 808 DOT POP “Boltzmann’s K” from “Kelvin (5600)” EP on Alfa Matrix
  • Prague-based synthwave/synthpop/electro DJ/producer and co-founder of Endless Illusion label Ladislav Zensor, aka EXHAUSTED MODERN “There is no revolution, there is just you, microwaving ramen” from “Conditions of Struggle, Struggle for Conditions” EP on Exhausted Modern
  • Experimental/electronic/industrial duo started in the early 80s by ex-Whitehouse Glenn Michael Wallis later joined by Mahk Rumbae, aka KONSTRUKTIVISTS “Torture In Black” from the upcoming new album “Konstruktive Kontinuum” on Mahk Rumbae’s Vienna label schalko                                                                        
  • Argentina‘s experimental/EBM/industrial/dark noise electronic producer Golpe Erótico “Die Mutate Destroy Heal” from V/A “MECHA03” [TRR-014] on Buenos Aires’ TRRUENO label
  • North London experimental/industrial/breakbeat/dark ambient/drum & bass/electronic producer Scott Move – “Interlude Request (JK FLESH REMIX)” off “Interlude Request” EP
  • UK Industrial/Synth/Electronic duo from Sheffield, Randolph & Mortimer “Enjoy More (Kris Baha Remix)” off “Enjoy More” EP
  • Berlin-based Dutch dark minimal industrial techno DJ/producer and Bakk and Rubber labels co-owner Thomas Van Linge aka RANDSTAD “Primer” off upcoming EP “These Serpents” on VEYL
  • UK experimental/hypno-beat electronic producer George Thompson aka Black Merlin “Anarke” from ➢ [A-03] split EP 12″ with Anshaw Black
  • Scottish EBM/techno industrial artist Kenny Campbell “Disconnected World – Maedon Remix” from the album “Blackest Ever Buckfast” on Drøne
  • French techno/EBM producer AMER HAZMAT “Law”
  • Cologne-based EBM/industrial techno DJ & Producer Rezystor “Dunkelheit (Echoes Of October’s Lichtblick Remix)” off upcoming split EP “KK003” with Stigmatique on Kriptika Records                                                     
  • Paris‘ dark electronic/industrial pop Dj/producer and Raar label co-founder, LOUISAHHH – “Chaos (Wax Wings Remix)” off “Chaos/A Hard No Remixes” on her new HE.SHE.THEY label                                                   
  • Lithuanian techno/EBM/electronic producer GIXI “Doe Wat Hij Zegt (feat. Pepijn)”                                                     
  • Brazil experimental/EBMpost-punk/electro producer MVQX “About That” title track from upcoming EP
  • Irish industrial techno producer Thomas Connor from Dublin, BUTTRESS – “All Hail Haas” on Insane Industry
  • Brooklyn, NY based, Florida-born experimental techno electronic producer Nick Klein “Every Move For The Monitor” off new EP “Actor-Network Theory” (recorded in 2018) on iDEAL Recordings
  • Los Angeles acid/techno/electro producer DJ COP KILLER – “Faded Democracy” off the album “Imaginary Codes” on Private Selection Records
  • Australian acid/wave/electro producer Mike Smith (aka E.L.I.), aka Crossover Network “Failure Extraordinaire” off upcoming cassette EP “Defective Perspective” part of a collection of 4 releases on Soil Records                            
  • Paris/London breakbeat/techno/electro French trio Obsidian – “Milla’s Lullaby” off upcoming V/A “Vernacular Foreigners” fourth opus of the Vernacular Foreigners’ series on Vernacular Records                              
  • Houston, TX electro producer (one half of the Chateau Royal label), Rapha – “Over Systematic” title track from the new EP on New York Haunted
  • FrancoRussian ‘coldrave’ duo of Justine Neulat (Bagarre Perdue, Deux Control) and Anton Berezin (Wolfstream, Otchim, Seven Knives), Justine & Berezin ‘Le Futur’ from their upcoming LP “Trance de France” on Diffuse Reality sub-label, Periphylla Records                                                                                                   
  • Leipzig new wave/post-punk/synth-pop/electronic three-piece female group New Hook – “SEXERGY” off upcoming V/A “Ombra INTL 016” on Ombra International                                                                                                                        
  • Berlin-based German dark electro/synthwave artist Kat Koan – “Lustfire (Mufti Remix)” off “Lustfire (Remixes)” EP on Acrylic On Canvas
  • Sweden synthpop/Italo disco duo Francesca e Luigi “Staying The Night (7″ single edit)” new single on Kamin Records
  • Italian Italo/dark electronic/synthpop producers Fred Ventura and Paolo Gozzetti aka ITALOCONNECTION “My Life Muzik (Original Mix)” off “My Life Muzik” EP
  • AXODRY – “You” (CURSES Edit) originally 1988, via Les Yeux Orange‘s NameYourPrice Edit Series
  • Sarajevo/Budapest dark disco duo All Eyes On You – “Pango” off “Pango” EP on Paradiso Records
  • Mexican coldwave/techno/dark disco producer Roy Parra, aka Tiempo de Maldad Feat. Pvlomo “L’amour Toxique (Techno Version)” off new EP “L’amour Toxique” on Skycrew Records
  • Alex Hazzard & Ron Wells1993 UK classic, aka Smooth But Hazzardous – “We Are The Creator” (The Soviet Union 2020 Vision) [SINCHI EDITS]                                                                                                   
  • Lithuanian-based dark disco/electronic audio-visual project led by duo Liudas and Oskaras, ROE DEERS “Gorilla Walk” off upcoming V/A “Prima Legio” 12″ vinyl on new Mexican Mufti and Alf Champion label’s Fucanglong Files
  • Spanish indie dance/dark disco producer from Madrid, Ivan de la Rouch “Lara’s Vibe (Original Mix)”             
  • Stockholm-based cosmic/dark disco/indie dance/electronic producer (aka Fabian Kash), Leo af Ekenstam “March (Motel77 Remix)” off upcoming “Quake” EP on Play Pal Music                                                                        
  • Mexican downtempo/house/techno/indie dance/electronic producer Fausto – “Real Love”
  • Lisbon based Portuguese disco/house/electronic producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist Luis Clara Gomes, aka Moullinex “Ven (feat. Ekstra Bonus)” new single on Discotexas
  • Jerusalem, Israel psychfunk/ library /cinematic /cosmic /synth /electronic /space age duo of Markey Funk and Mule Driver, aka Group Modular “The Phantom Mazone” off new LP “Time Masters”
  • Stockholm, Sweden ambient/experimental/techno/electronic producer (aka Abdulla Rashim), Anthony Linell “Eternal City” from the album “Outlines (Repurposed) 2013-2019” on Northern Electronics
  • Polish ambient/abstract/IDM/electronic producer and multi instrumentalist Maksymilian Wiśmiewski aka Tutti Harp “Patch#3 (feat. mef)” from the upcoming album “Unfinished patches vol.2” on Pointless Geometry
  • Kostroma, Russia based ambient/electronic musician and artist Get Frisson “The end is always unexp” from cassette EP “Lockdown” on Raw Russian
  • UK experimental/ambient/electronic composer and musician based in Edinburgh, CANAAN BALSAM “Life is a horizontal fall” from the album “Cruise Utopia” on Barcelona’s Passat Continu
  • Brussels-based ambient/neoclassical project of A Winged Victory For The Sullen‘s duo Adam Wiltzie and Dustin O’Halloran, aka Echo Collective “The See Within” title track from the album “The See Within” on 7K!