WL//WH Video of the Day : BEDROOM TALKS “Sorrow’s Song”

Video of the Day  Bedroom Talks

Hailing from West Ukraine, Bedroom Talks is the new DIY minimal electronics solo moniker of Jin Kei, former member of new wave outfit Cold Comfort, born out his love for post-punk / EBM and pop, on the verge of dropping his debut 2-track 7″ EP “Machines Know No Love” via Holy Hour Records.

Sad, cold, minimal and rhythmic electronic music that has everything it takes to ignite the obscure corners of the dancefloor.

Heavy vibrating, seething bass lines and gloomily intense frenzied, fluctuating icy synths, underpinned by hypnotic punchy drum machine hits combined with ominous 3 beat loops, forge an overwhelming atmosphere of hypertensive, amplitude overload submerging suffocated vocals of forlorn, mourning, and doom, that make for a strikingly infectious dance number.

A song about love, deception and, a relationship. An in-depth exploration into the pain, agony, and eternal emptiness felt when someone breaks your heart. Thoughts of destiny, soul mates and forever are slowly ripped apart with lies, tears and broken trust. A wound that cannot heal curses your future with scars of betrayal and sorrow. The final devastating blow, the revelation that they “were never the one.”

The companion video, shot in a winter forest using VHS technique, represents death caused by a shattered heart. A man lies crushed, disheveled, and torn on a bed of green ivy, his long brown hair obscures his eyes. A small ray of light slashes his face as he dies, leaves his body, and watches from afar whispering inaudibly to the motionless figure on the ground.

A sensory and emotional overburden of sight, sound, and thought.

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