WL//WH Video Premiere: VELVET VELOUR Lowers the Veil of Illusion for “Rococo”

WL//WH PREMIERE  Velvet Velour

VELVET VELOUR is a solo project of UK-based synth diva Valeria Valuyskaya who has been at the edge of the European underground music scene for the last 10 years as the DJ, event promoter, and singer with a college degree in jazz vocals. She pulls her inspiration from Disco, Electro and Noir-Synth-Pop carefully mixed with her ethereal vocals.

VELVET VELOUR carries on with her alchemical adventures in the world of electro noir with her new EP ‘ROCOCO’ that was released on her newborn label Jardin De Bliss — a gorgeous subtotal of Valeria’s artistic space journey.

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the imaginative video by Anna Varskaya herself for the whimsical, lush and addictive Electro Pop number and title track of the 5-song EP “Rococo,” via Valeria’s very own label Jardin De Bliss.

ROCOCO is an anthology of sci-fi audio stories in the genre of chilly electro-pop — light and danceable, yet with graphic storytelling and a sharp scent of abysmal cosmic depths. Icy disco rhythm, spellbinding melancholy, intense multi-layered soundscapes and sensual vocals — are all the main ingredients of  VELVET VELOUR’s fascinating stories, a perfect soundtrack for the dark and weird future we are already blade-running in.”

The second track of the EP immediately immerses the listener in the cool, strobing, escapist neon glows of a retro-modern sci-fi fantasy, fusing bouncy grooving bass pulses, crisp stacked, marching beats, flashing synth strains, clapping and lashing dimensions, and twinkling prismatic chimes around sensual, playful ethereal vocals, singing praises of euphoric adoration into the raining late-nite mists of ultimate dancefloor bliss.

The video, an intoxicating stream of fragmented consciousness, by Anna Varskaya, injects elements of cyber-steam punk machinations, suggestive fashion role play, and hypnotic kaleidoscopic visions into a fascinating backdrop for Velvet Velour, whose mysterious performance, cast in metaphysical symbols and surreal flows of motion, syncs seamlessly with the alchemical Electro-Pop sensibility of the soundtrack. 

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