WL//WH Track Of The Day: UFER “Save Me”

Track Of The Day UFER

It is unusual for this blog to replicate the same band at such a short distance, if not for rare cases of long-standing familiarity or personal obsessions. Still, the young Italian duo Ufer in a brief space of three tracks, deftly draws from typically ’80s Cold Wave and Post-punk synth tropes, with both reflective and vibrant hues, deeply underlined by enveloping and emotive icy electronic textures and steady throbbing rhythmic patterns, where aching and wistful emotions ooze out through captivating yet vulnerable bittersweet croons, amidst the beautifully crafted hi-gloss glittering synth tones, to get closer to the most modern Darkwave stylings.

Ufer‘s third single, “Save Me”, regards the feeling of putting your destiny in the hands of another person only to be let down by their imperfections, is driven by ceaselessly hypnotic dry snare beats, punctuated by sparse metallic clangs, along relentless chugging, droning basslines, edged by enduringly weeping glossy synth quivers, swirling around softly moody vocals of cold longing broods and warm falling cries, releasing doubt and angst over chilly twinkly spirals of forlorn gloom.

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photo by @juan.pablo.canon_