WL//WH Video Of The Day : THE POSTMODERNISM FORMS “Absolute Time [Vol.I]”

Video Of The Day Postmodernism Forms

The Postmodernism Forms is the electronic ‘transmedia’ synthwave moniker of Erika Gomez and Andres Royet, based in Bogotà, Colombia and Berlin. Heavy on the synth and drum machine programming, their sound is infused by various elements from coldwave, minimal, darkwave, post-punk and techno.

The duo, brimming with fervent creativity, have just released their second album “Digital Impressionism”, here is their seamlessly 1st preview of their forthcoming third one titled “Synthetic society” due to be released next October, a transmedia instalment of coldwave and synthwave.

Driven by a minimal and twisted combination of hypnotic beats, strong basses and soaring synths, what is believed to be an atmosphere of love and passion, quickly becomes an atmosphere of pain and sadness. The detached vocals spiral around the fantasy land of a drugged, numbed reality, boarding on psychosis. Reality and Fantasy become so blurred, no one knows. Talking, gasping, occasionally backed by the male voice. Dancing and loving have become her reality. Souls without faces surround her as she falls deeper into the trance forever.

 A beautiful, immersive and enticing hit of electronic experimentation and twisted pop immediacy.