WL//WH Video Of The Day: I TPAME | TVRAME “Revelation”

Video Of The Day   I Tpame I Tvrame

Albanian Dark Electronic duo based in Tirana, I Tpame | Tvrame, made of Dina Hajrullahu & Franc Kurti, create a cinematic atmosphere permeated with modern dystopic moods in their latest DIY cyber video release for the trance-inducing metaphysical track “Revelation”, taken from the latest album “Il” via Diffuse Reality Records / Periphylla.

Chilling, urgent temperatures sew dire paths into low organic simmering bass lines to direct soft, steady ominous beats marching stealthily below a static charged surface of distorted rattling metallic clanks and hisses whilst sparse sinister synth strains strike terror through warm glows radiating past the clapping and snapping breaks of repetitive menace, as minimal ghostly vocals wander in and out of consciousness via the rising tides of disintegrating fear.

Depth-defying layers of metaphysical and geometric symbols pulse ceremoniously in sync with the edgy dark dance track to reverse inter-dimensional gridlock with obscure thought-forms of universal awareness. Backward inversions strain untrained eye movement by reflecting upside down and mirror reflected brain waves into indecipherable angles, while systemic deceptions strobe and skew perception with heat-seeking frequencies. Man-made constellations disorient inner kaleidoscopic revolutions using an unconscious virtual reality to block natural transmissions with feelings of powerlessness and despair.

The Limited Vinyl 12″ Edition of the I Tpame I Tvrame’s new album “Il” is still available via the Diffuse Reality Records Bandcamp.

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