WL//WH Video Premiere: SUGAR FOR THE PILL Gets Trapped in a Heady Pit of “Quicksand”

WL//WH Premiere Sugar For The Pill

Greek Shoegaze / Dreampop 5-piece band Sugar For The Pill based in Athens unveil their second single, “Quicksand”, taken from Sugar For The Pill‘s debut full-length album “Wanderlust”, due to be released on March 18, 2022, via Make Me Happy Records (Greece) and Shelflife Records (US) accompanied by the music video, directed by Alexandra Diona, WL//WH is pleased to premiere.

An entrancing combination of vibrant ‘Edgesque’ six-string chimes, invigorating fuzzy shoegazing washes and Lush-infused ethereal harmonies, “Wanderlust” unfurls cool, swirling and droning auras layered with twinkling obsessive guitar melodies, underpinned by heart-skipping beats and intense serpentine bass lines, to radiate heady, surreal dimensions around the high anxiety of beautiful celestial vocals, falling helpless through secret, misty swathes of a deceptively comforting emotional flow.

Poetic lyrics unravel in a confessional stream of consciousness to compare the oppressive force of the pandemic with being in love while stuck in quicksand, to create an odd mental juxtaposition of enjoyment, safety, and fear.

Evocative choreographed dance sequences construct a beautifully intoxicating flow of grace and symmetry through the mind’s eye of interpretation. Universal symbols, colours, and body movements draw from opposing landscapes to depict ideas of struggle, alienation, and rebirth, whilst angular sun rays cast daunting shadows over lost souls of isolation and fear, to create a deceptive current of blocked energies shifting into turbulent transitions of a wicked fate.

Sugar For The Pill‘s debut full-length album “Wanderlust” is slated for release on March 18, 2022, on Ltd. Red Vinyl 12″ LP and Digital, through a co-release between Make Me Happy Records (Greece) and Shelflife Records (US).

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