WL//WH Track Of The Day : GUIGNOL ‘1000 Tyrants’

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I didn’t know anything about Guignol, a goth darkwave / post-punk duo from Lexington, Kentucky, apparently they released a good, very lo-fi, demo EP in 2014 and, after a long hiatus, popped back today with a new song from an upcoming, yet untitled, debut album.

The new track titled ‘1000 Tyrants’ clearly shows that the years haven’t passed in vain with an improved and impressive songwriting maturity and a better sound recording quality, an overwhelming gloomy and melancholic dark post-punk slow-burner, with hints of the best Bauhaus, driven by chiming and sharp guitar chords that build an unsettling and decadent atmosphere, emphasized by poignant and evocative synth melodies and beautiful vibrant vocals imbued with desperate romanticism, before exploding in a dramatic and tumultuous ending.

The music of Guignol is bleak and emotional, certainly nostalgic, always surprising and exciting as the best post-punk should be.

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