WL//WH Video Of The Day: SKLTN CHR “Eternally” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day  SKLTN CHR

SKLTN CHR (Skeleton Choir), the Austin, TX-based Gothic Post-Punk band led by Justin Van Eck has dropped the Official Music Video for the mesmerizing first single of the new year “Eternally.”

Dark, dramatic, simmering passions radiate gossamer ceremonial glows encapsulated by aching rippling melodies from haunted guitar wanderings, amid slow dragging drum beats, broody throbbing bass lines, and somber synth veils, expanding “Eternally” through heart-rending searing leads over moody vocals, alternating lost ghostly airs, strong baritone moans, and deep ritual hums, into a desolate agonizing wasteland of waiting for another’s love.

The cinematic black and white visuals follow a bleeding heart on a lonely nocturnal outing using surreal flows of motion to invoke the hanging, timeless agony of a Gothic Romance. Depth-defying textures cast universal symbols for love and death in rich contours of pain whilst suggestive shadows, foggy urban architectures, and striking religious iconography set the dichotomous specter-like backdrop for the endless suffering of the soundtrack.

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