WL//WH Track Of The Day: FRÍA MÁQUINA “No Quiere Seguir”

Track Of The Day  FRÍA MÁQUINA

Mexico City-based ‘Post-punk maker machine’ follows last December’s debut EP with a new chilly and immersive single  “No Quiere Seguir / I Don’t Want to Continue”.

Macabre lyrics evoke feelings of suffering and disenchantment at the hands of a dying relationship.

“No Quiere Seguir” infuses rarefied frigid and wintry aurae of inner introspection that stand over a gray and murky backdrop, built by repetitive lashing snare beats, punctuated by echoing brittle claps, along bleak humming pulsing basslines, swept by uncanny spectral synth loops, dancing in unison with a deadened vocal agony, drowned in a haunted and gloomy hollow headspace of hopeless eternal sorrow.

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