WL//WH Video Of The Day: ANUM PRETO “Inferno Interno”

Video Of The Day Anum Preto 

Anum Petro is the alias of Aerson Moreira, former bassist/singer of Brazilian groups Os Intrusivos and Gentalha from the 2010’s Fortaleza‘s Punk scene.

Subtitled lyrics describe the thoughts of a man who painfully exists in a horror movie-like hell of his own making, where no cure can be found to quench the thirst of his inner demons set on consuming his every moment into a burning spiral of self-destruction.

Extreme black and white nervous chain-smoking energy tenses under the urgent body gesticulation and manic eye movement expressing surreal traumatic shock into the minimal quality of life supported. Negatively exposed bi- colour blurs mutate from hand to claw, cowering in shame below the intense hidden layer of distorted misperceptions unearthed by sparks of superimposed muted neon light elucidating the once noble choice now spewing shredded suffering as an enigmatic plight.

Festim dos Krampus 12.13.19 Photo by @bruno_baos