WL//WH Video OF The Day: MALE TEARS “Hit Me”

Video Of The Day  MALE TEARS

Fresh from joining the music collective/label Hush Club Ltd, the up-and-coming Californian electropop artist James Edward, under his Male Tears moniker, drops an expressive video, created by @cbtv.hazetv, for the soul-stirring new single “Hit Me.”

Seamlessly combining elements of future pop, retrowave, Italo disco, goth, electro, darkwave, EBM, new wave with old-school rhythmic patterns, as the start of the year’s quite impressive self/titled debut album clearly shows, Male Tears is going from strength to strength, honing a dynamic and gripping, equally melodic and dark synth-laden sound.

“Hit Me” deals with subconscious lyrics that dive into the psychological realms of childhood trauma where feelings of worthlessness, humiliation, and numb fear take hold.

A retro 80s glam goth-tinged concoction layers ominous glowing synth swathes with toxic expanding stabs, spacey laser effects, slashing hypnotic beats and clapping dominions to drench heartfelt male vocals and haunted ghostly cries with evocative tears of secret shame, while a relentless icy sparkling barrage of atmospherics and sinister crawling basslines fuse harsh realities of simmering anger into a ringingly disturbing emotional mix.

Vintage lo-fi vibes weave a twisted gothic drama with multi-dimensional editing techniques to draw a demented diorama of danger and deception. Stormy disconnected split screens frame edgy dance moves, poses and make-up under a static blur of dim neon lights to build nocturnal heat-seeking auras of shape-shifting transitions. Flames distort perception over a burning rose bud’s violent death, hiding insidious secrets with contorted shadows of doubt to leave only painful memories of love’s last breath.

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