WL//WH Video Premiere: BENEATH US “Pale Blue”

WL//WH Video Premiere BENEATH US

After captivating us with their debut 3-track demo EP “Hidden World”, Lubbock, West Texas-bred dark post-punkers Beneath Us, a duo project between Mark Salazar (music) & Lance Staggs (vocals, lyrics), release today, the day both were born, in the same hospital, in the same town in 1986, their first DIY video for the song “Pale Blue”, WL//WH is very pleased to premiere.

“Pale Blue”cadenced by hard-hitting, solemn drum beats, a forsaken dense, incessant bassline sinuously pulses and warbles, lost in painful loneliness, devoid of any human warmth, subtly scratched by infinitive searing guitar slivers, swept by ghostly hissing sinister swaths of synths, inexorably sinking, with increasing gloomy and desolate intensity, into an inner abyss of tortured deep male vocals, agonizing hopelessly, while grasping desperately at fading memories, transfixed by the open wounds of social deprivation.

Lyrics depict an afflicted soul who turns back the hands of time by travelling between alternate planes of existence seeking relief, albeit momentarily, from a cherished recollection now tarnished a ‘Pale Blue.’

Haunting dimly lit video recorded and edited by Lance Staggs draws dark tones of ritualistic sacrifice from the universal symbols of life and death, to create a visual metaphor for confronting one’s daemons. Nocturnal realms awaken subconscious fear and desire with windblown candlelight and anonymous masks, setting the stage for a ceremonial extraction of searing, personal pain. Black gloved serpentine fingers wield the power of transformation under a mystic ‘Pale Blue’ glow, calling on Fate’s ancient wisdom to harness a soul-stirring revelation from the shadow-less flame of self-possession.

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