WL//WH Video Of The Day : I Tpame I Tvrame “Netherworld”

Video Of The Day

Hailing from Tirana, Albania, the dark electronic,’wave and beyond’ duo I Tpame I Tvrame, made of Franc Kurti and Dina Hajrullah, have always strike my inner chords since the beginning for their cold, obscure and visceral sound.

Curiously I never had the opportunity to talk about them, undoubtedly an act that deserve more attention.

“Netherworld”, from last year “Altered” EP via Black Verb, is a minimal and hypnotic dark slowburner that develops over sinister and repetitive bass lines, menacing and darkened synthesizers and obsessive rhythmic patterns; it’s experimental, electronic, trippy, gloomy, but above all it’s the intense, sensual and disturbing atmosphere the duo is able to build threatened by the seductive and hushed Dina‘s voice that drive us into the deepness of their sick obsession, misery and pain.

Check out the DIY psychedelic and trippy visuals.

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