WL//WH Video Of The Day: ROLES “Empty Room”

Video Of the Day Roles

From the ever fervent Melbourne‘s underground music scene, Australian self-dubbed ‘New Age Post-Punk’ duo Roles, comprised of songwriter and producer Louise Love (lyrics, vocals, guitar), and Luis Gutiérrez (electronics), is a DIY creation carving a distinctive sound, built around synth bass, drum machine, 3-stringed guitar, and gripping heady found ideas and stories.
Debut album ‘There’s A Space’, slated for mid-2020 release, draws from lectures given by Ram Dass (1931-2019), who is best known for his publicly active role in the 1960s psychedelic movement.
An Official Music Video dropped for first single ‘Empty Room’ pairs minimal pop sound with an overall sweeping feeling of rich balance.

Ominously buzzing pulsing bassline, scattered with light three-stringed guitar strums and tapping backbeats, form quivering, dramatically minimal moods, as perplexed nostalgic vocals of utter heartfelt exhaustion, declare freedom from stereotypes amid oppressive drone alarm surges, punchy rhythms and energic riffs, lingering unsettled restlessness and ambiguity.

Retrospective lyrics unravel a hidden past as painful memories replay a role of misunderstood identity and the life-altering decision, that breaks the ill-fitting mould of discomfort set from birth.

A symbolic DIY video, enhanced with gorgeous soft bright light and transparent overlay transitions show the pair performing the thought-provoking piece with personal instrumentation, set against the backdrop of cardboard boxes, representing unresolved mementoes from another existence. Heavyweight held within blooms glorious vibrant bouquets, whose natural beauty and full found growth mirrors a rare moment of actualized self-love.

Roles‘ Video & Single launch will take place next 22 February, 7.30 pm, at The Burrow, Fitzroy with support by minimalist synth-wave duo Activities of Daily Living and goth minimal-wave duo SaD.
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Photo by Andrea Pisa