WL//WH Video Of The Day: ABRASIVE TREES “Bound For An Infinite Sea (SEBASTIAN SWARM Remix)”

Video Of The Day Abrasive Trees / Sebastian Swarm Remix 

Abrasive Trees, the immersive and introspective experimental post-punk project, strewn with shimmers of ambient psychedelia, folk and post-rock, masterminded by British multi-instrumentalist, lyricist, composer and producer Matthew Rochford has released a subconscious arousing music video, created by the visual artist Jess Wooller, to accompany the haunting Sebastian Swarm Remix for the provocative debut single “Bound For An Infinite Sea” via on Wise Queen Records/Shapta.

Glasgow‘s trippy DJ and dark electronic producer Sebastian Swarm, co-founder of Lunacy collective, label and rolling papers, conjures an intricate web of emotional synthetic tones and frequencies to replace the piercing and reverbed psychedelic guitar strings lingering angst in the original, while bringing an equally haunting and immersive spiritual flow of cathartic energies to soothe the burdened soul.

Droning bass vibrations swell amid breezy mesmeric whispers and off-tempo beats rippling over hypnagogic undulations, to churn around ghostly thin atmospheric male vocals feather-light consistency, stirring icy bright synth notes with warm humid swathes, that ebb and flow in disquieting calm cycles culminating after a poignant interlude with an increase in frequency and anxiety levels, left dissipating and soothing harmful memories with cathartic flow.

A breathing canvas of glacial expansion aligns triangular geometry below black jugular lines, drawing eerily familiar 3D human forms from abstract thought patterns flowing through hidden subterranean tunnels. Kaleidoscopic subway cars inspire an Orwellian satellite system surveilling parallel planes of existence, while sunlight seeps chemical reactions down a mountainous horizon, drowning an urban population in rich ultraviolet radiation.

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