WL//WH Video Of The Day: VIOLETIGER “Transformation”


Icy analogue synthetic waves, hypnotically throbbing programmed rhythms over an aloof melancholic voice coalesce, with equally organic and ominous flair, in Violetiger, the Vienna-based collaborative minimal synth project of Violet Candide (Mitra Mitra, Peppy Pep Pepper), and the enigmatic Tigerlilly, about to release their debut 5-track EP “Transformation”, due out on September 30, 2020, ltd. Vinyl 12″ and Digital, via Brooklyn‘s independent label Modern Tapes.

A DIY Music Video, filmed during lockdown 2020 by Silvernerds (Mr. URNs and Mrs. Pinkeyes), has just been shared.

Dangerously pulsing and oscillating bassline buzzes and flickers into steady, thumping beats, amid skewed, squeaky synth chords and dramatic airy swirls, as cold, detached female vocals shift into distant robotic echoes, that float and fade into the spinning magnetically charged dancefloor rhythms.

Cryptic lyrics describe a physical “Transformation” occurring as a result of restriction, isolation, and quarantine.

Lockdown video alternates moods and dimensions using green screen technology to transform and transport a dancing electronic duo across an array of virtual locations. Red and blue auras spin dizzyingly around black light costumes reflecting choreographed movements that rise and fall against a changing backdrop in sync with the hypnotic soundtrack. Peephole mirror cutouts draw engaging mystery over rotating wardrobe sequences enhancing awkward camera angles, glitchy body limbs, and fluid backward motion into the mind-bending kaleidoscope of imagery.

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