Track Of The Day : STARFLYER 59 “Young In My Head”

Track Of The Day Starflyer 59

In more than two and a half decades of relentless high-quality shoegaze-infused energetic guitar rock sound spreads over 14 albums, the unsung longstanding music project, based around the songwriting talent of Southern California based vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jason Martin, has never achieved the kind of widespread recognition its importance would deserve, despite having struck the sensibility and being treasured by a fair niche of aficionados.

Just a few months ago the tribute compilation “Happy Days Are Here Again, A Homage To Starflyer 59” via the ever imaginative Renato Malizia’s ‘The Blog That Celebrates Itself’, was proof of his cult status and huge influence over generations of fans and musicians.

In addition to the reissue of the 1994 debut album Silver”, to celebrate its 25th anniversary earlier this month, the band are going to release the new album “Young In My Head”, due April 26th, vinyl / CD / Digital, through Tooth & Nail Records.

“Young In My Head” is a fascinating, buoyant example of ‘classic’ Jason’s heartfelt and sheer songcraft, where deep nostalgia and strong melodic sensibilities are embodied by solid tight drums, subtle wash of synths and signature powerful, dense yet restrained guitar tones made of noisy riffs and wistful enveloping leads, over alluring blithe husky vocals, fondly looking back upon a past lived on his own terms while maintaining his integrity, always and forever young in his head. 

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