WL//WH Video Of The Day: VIOLENTENE “Delusions”

Video Of The Day  VIOLENTENE

Started in 2017 as a collaborative shoegaze-infused project along with NYC singer Dani Mari, the Ottawa based ‘moody synthpop / dreamy darkwave’ duo, lead by multi-instrumentalist Roland M. (former member of Politique and Liquified), Violentene, return with a new vocalist, MVRIJO, and a new single, “Delusions”, taken from the forthcoming EP, “Otherworld”, that increasingly explores synthetic / beat-driven realms while retaining the original aesthetic, and emphasis on 80s synth textures and melancholic sweetness, drawing on past new wave /synthwave and dreampop sonic leanings.

The dancing and melancholic “Delusions” is laced with introspective lyrics diving into the psychological realms of subconscious and fantasy exploring the fanciful state of “Delusions.”

Harking back to fellow late70s/80s Canadian band Martha And The Muffins’ refined new wave melodicism, “Delusions” triggers a whimsical concoction of buzzing, throbbing bass tones, soaring spatial synth swathes, and automated dancing rhythms to swirl mercurial vibes around atmospheric female vocals, bright whispers, and mesmeric hums drawing angsty breathes of fading memories, while gentle, glistening guitar strings weave organic sentience through the intoxicating tides of electronic bliss.

Underground dwellings and twilight wanderings extract parallel planes of existence using blurry trace overlays and heat-seeking auras over multiple identities. Negative light photography, skewed camera angles, and a hypnotic flow of motion inverse bipolar visions into darkened shadows of fear. Neon lit highlights shine over submerged moods of secrecy and unfocused sight, whilst accelerated time-lapse tunnels fuse electric blue daydreams into lost cities, manic perceptions, and prismatic fields of energy.

Violentene forthcoming EP, “Otherworld”, is due out on October 8, 2021 on all digital platforms and CD.

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