WL//WH Video Of The Day: HANGWIRE “This Fun Machine”(Official Music Video)

Video Of The Day  HANGWIRE

Hangwire is a six-piece of Post-Punk Revival band from Montevideo, Uruguay, made up of Andres D’Souza, Federico Texeira, Joaquin Brazeiro, Gaston Leites, Nicholas Bank, and Emiliano Nicolas Leiva, who drop an Official Music Video, directed by Jose Dell’ Acqua, for the first single “This Fun Machine,” a song about struggling to stay alive under a heavy spell of vampiric forces.

An atmospheric, powerful and hypnotic slice of Post-punk ala Interpol, wrapped in ominous moody nostalgia, ignites a chugging undertow of prominent throbbing bass lines and steady booming drum beats, washed by warm desolate synth swathes, while resonant winding waves of reverb-strewn guitar riffs carve piercing pain over desperate vocal broods, delivering a dire warning into a supernatural river of agonized flows.

Dramatic visuals alternate an intimate performance with oppressive work simulations to sync seamlessly with the deeply emotional conflict of the soundtrack. Repetitious, needless automation under the scrutinous eye of authority stirs feelings of humiliation and bondage whilst suggestive acting, universal symbols, and strategic lighting channel the dualistic auras of the Matrix to invoke unrest and disassociation at the hands of a post modern power paradigm.

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