New Music : Laurie Anderson & Kronos Quartet “CNN Predicts a Monster Storm”

New Music Laurie Anderson & Kronos Quartet

I’ve often thought about the usefulness or uselessness of my addictive collections of vinyls, movies and sneakers, if it was only a way to fill my existential emptiness and misery, and their significance in our unstable and consumerist lifes filled with false needs.

I can imagine what Laurie Anderson has been forced to think after her New York apartment has been totally devastated by the infamous 2012 storm.

“All the things I’d carefully saved all my live, becoming nothing but junk,” she says, detached. “And I thought: how beautiful. How magic. And how catastrophic.”

The iconic New York’s storyteller / musician Laurie Anderson has announced the release of the album, titled “Landfall”, due out next February 16 via Nonesuch, in collaboration with the legendary David Harrington’s Kronos Quartet, the San Francisco-based avant-garde string quartet that over the years has collaborated with a plethora of artists from John Zorn to Nine Inch Nails.

Premiered live in 2015 in several world locations, “Landfall” is Laurie Anderson’s electro-acoustic song cycle on Hurricane Sandy, the October 2012 storm that devastated huge parts of North America.

The same month she will also publish a new book, “All the Things The Lost in the Flood: Essays on Pictures, Language and Code”, a collection of essays examining the way language has become an influential part of her visual work.

After all as much as catastrophic and destructive some life experiences may be, you’ll be always able to get some beauty, joy and inspiration from them.

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