WL//WH Track Of The Day: CLOUD TANGLE “Thinking Of Myself”

Track Of The Day  Cloud Tangle

Following up from her lo-fi orchestral EP ”Falling Asleep” earlier this year, the bewitching Brisbane multi-instrumentalist Amber Ramsay a.k.a. Cloud Tangle, returns with the first anticipation, titled “Thinking Of Myself”, from the upcoming 2020 debut album ”Kinds of Sadness” via fellow Brisbane-based independent label 4000 Records.

Despite their peculiarities, likewise Chelsea Wolf ‘who knew and understood human sadness and darkness from an early age, translating them into words and music, almost in a sort of cathartic path’, Amber, since her beginnings in late 2014, creates stunning, intensely emotive and bittersweet, noir-ish lo-fi dream pop, equally beautiful and disturbing, blending mesmerizing and immersive electronic and acoustic minimalistic sounds enriched by her ethereal vocals.

A delicately challenging, slowed down and expanded songwriting approach, pervaded of deceptive simplicity and disarming musical depth, simultaneously drawing hauntingly sombre and ethereal atmospheres steeped in gloomy yet ecstatic moods.

Humming swells and lulling melancholic melodies ripple against frightened, sorrowful and delicate vocals of achingly sheer beauty that glides over layers of icy synth pads, solemn bleak bass pulses, and sparse smooth beats, shattering hopeful loving dreams becoming lost in colorless reality, while sultry, glistening guitar lines instill subtle, dark threads of sadness.

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