WL//WH Video Of The Day: ULTRA SUNN “Distress”

Video Of The Day ULTRA SUNN

Belgian DIY electro /coldwave /darkwave duo formed in 2019 in Brussels by Sam Hugé (synth, vocals) and Gaelle Souflet (synth, drum machine) follow the release of the 4-track debut EP “Night Is Mine”, replete of EBM-charged punching rhythms, buzzing low ends, quivering icy cold analogue synths, and alluring deep vocalizations, with the self-directed video for the new track “Distress”.

Steady punchy beats cut sharp martial vibes through a hypnotic, rumbling basslines’ gallop, while desperate, robotic male vocals release stone-cold desire into the numb flow of listless mundanity, as obsessively droning rhythms and squeaky metallic reverb shifts the momentum with a rise of haunted shivering synth melodies to awaken a panicked “Distress” call left fading weightless in the dim neon-lit dim melancholia.

Claustrophobic lyrics succumb to the narcoleptic dread and tangible anxiety experienced in the face of an uncertain destiny and the seemingly irrational instincts that come into play, when trying to escape the empty isolation of death.

The grainy Orwellian video, directed by Gaelle Souflet & Sam Hugé, scans a bleak nocturnal cityscape, where lights flash hypnotically and time stands eerily still. Dark surveillance footage locks in on powerful granite columns, deceptive neon pink reflections, and a motionless disco ball, while shadows cast doubt and disconnection over tired transition scenes, where expressionless faces pass away through a nihilistic repetition of modern-day dystopia.

Ultra Sunn‘s 4-track debut EP “Night Is Mine”, including their previous two singles“Night Is Mine” and “Keep Your Eyes Peeled”, plus the unreleased track “Distress”, and the remix of “Night Is Mine” by Berlin-based techno-industrial DJ/producer Sarin, is out now, ltd. 12″ Vinyl & Digital, through Spanish label Oraculo Records.

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