WL//WH Video Of The Day: ORDER 89 “100 Visages”

Video Of The Day  ORDER 89  

French NewWave / Post Punk 4-piece band from Bordeaux, Order 89, have dropped the music video by Maison Mouton Noir for the opening track, “100 Visages”, from last year’s sophomore album “L’Eté Des Corbeaux | The Summer of the Ravens”, released via Icy Cold Records, with the purpose to close a chapter of Order 89’s pathway in monochrome solitude and introspection.

This game of chess against life symbolizes for us the battles of adolescence. It is now time to face the future…This game of chess against life symbolizes for us the battles of adolescence. Now is the time to face the future

In the band’s Post-punk style made of a seething and vibrant cauldron of feverish rhythms, sharp guitars, pulsating bass and evocative electronic injections, amid punk energy and somber poetry, “100 Visages” unleashes toxic swells of low obsessive bassline throbs, dire, turbulent synth strains, metallic guitar scraping lines, and pounding drum beats, to relentlessly surge under untamed anxiety of breathless vocals to drive lyrical sorrow, distrust, and confusion into an out-of-control tidal wave of remnant memories and heartfelt fear.

Black and white visuals, directed by Maison Mouton Noir, depict a tortuous emotional conflict with the shadow-self using a dramatic game of chess. Evocative contrasts between light and dark cast prismatic reflections from haunting candlelight over the deceptive mind games of latent demons whilst skewed camera work imitates inebriated thought patterns to contort the mind’s eye of indecision with distorted views.

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