WL//WH New Music: HOORSEES “Videogames”


Parisian Sad Indie-Rock quartet Hoorsees have dropped a video for the melancholy track “Videogames” off their self-titled debut LP scheduled for release on February 19, 2021 via Kanine Records, Howlin Banana Records and In Silico Records.

“Videogames” unfurls slow nostalgic dishevelled guitar riffs that wrap loosely around the dense bass pulses cut with slow thudding off-tempo beats, while sad numb male vocals drag in lonely indecision, echoed in high female hums, releasing pent up tension into twinkling poignant melodies.

Black and white DIY clips form grey cloudy days spent hanging out with friends, making music and playing “Videogames.” Smoke filled moods dull the senses in a Parisian apartment and in a South of France recording studio while retro gaming equipment skates through indoor and outdoor footage of escapist bliss to form a somber outtake of a mental health break from modern dystopian overload.

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