WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #36

Picks Of The Week:

  • Medellín, Colombia lo-fi experimental/electro/EBM/techno/dark synth solo project of Faunes Efes, FILMMAKER “Noir Times” title-track from the upcoming EP on Valencia’s  HC records

We start Colombia’s tribute week with Medellín‘s finest Filmmaker, regard to quantity and above all, quality, surely one of the best newcomers of the year. As dizzying yet disturbing, as it is dark and uncanny imaginative mix of 90’s techno and 80s dark sounds, comprised of commanding and hypnotic bass lines, eerie melodic synth and solid pounding beats infused with entrancing darkness, compelling edgy simplicity, and lo-fi analog flair. Insanely sick stuff!

  • Colombian industrial techno/EBM duo Alpha & Necromante “Red Tape” from the upcoming V/A “Sphere” compilation on New York’s Samo Records

Another Colombian production duo on the rise, Alpha & Necromante, keeps on delivering pulsing, mechanical EBM-fueled techno-industrial bangers made of thick conquering basslines, punching drum machine and gloomily evocative synth chords that rouse the relentless dance… til exhaustion. Check out NYC-based Samo Records‘ compilation, as it unveils other great tracks like Neud Photo, Fringe Society and many more.

  • Bogotà, Colombia experimental/industrial/modular techno producer Náusea “Vociferan entre Escombros” from the EP “Amargo Alquitrán” via Broken Mind Recordings

Broken Mind Recordings, a DIY label founded by DJ/producer/singer and composer Magdalena Col in 2014, is back on track, since last year, showcasing local producers united by social and political issues and lo-fi experimental dark sounds on the raw and obscure end of the electronic spectrum. The menacing and claustrophobobic new experimental-industrial-techno EP from new producer Náusea breath that stinks of rotten and decomposed, dangerous and fearful, industrial landscapes covered with dust and filth of a modern society in a irreversibile state of decay, between atrocity and attraction. 

  • Portland, OR lo-fi/shoegaze/drone project of Kyle Bates with New York‘s electronic composer & singer Lane Shi Otayonii, Drowse & otay:onii “Sudo Beast” from Drowse‘s “Second Self” Mini-LP commissioned for The Flenser Membership Series One.
  • Chicago based experimental/ambient/psych/noise musician Mallory Linehan, aka Chelsea Bridge “Some Kind of Bird” from the cassette EP “Go Under” on No Rent Records
  • Experimental /ambient /electronica project of Australian musician D. Thrussell (SNOG, Soma), Black Lung “NXIVM II” from the album “NXIVM” on Ant-Zen
  • London, UK based experimental analogue electronic Dj/producer, Franziska Lantz “This is not Complete” from the album “Forming Tropical Cyclone” on Global Warming Records
  • Bulgarian experimental/drone/electronic/dark techno producer Etien Slavchev, aka Evitceles “THE CLIFF BEHIND MY BACK WHERE MY HAND USED TO BE HELD” from V/A “Frozen Ashes” cassette on Collapsed Structures
  • Manchester experimental electronic producer (occasional collaborator with Joy Orbison and his Hinge Finger imprint), HERRON “Full Tricky Round Huh” from the cassette album “YIELD/WIELD” on V I S
  • Italian, Berlin-based experimental/techno/electronic DJ/producer Luca Mortellaro aka LUCY “The Goat God” from V/A “X – Ten Years Of Artefacts” 10 years anniversary compilation via Stroboscopic Artefacts                   
  • Melbourne experimental/minimal/dub/electronic artist Kallista Kult “When I Splice Into You” from S/T debut mini-album on A Colourful Storm
  • Bristol, UK electro producer Jon Chmielewski, aka ZOBOL “Descending” from “Foreign Objects” EP on Bristol’s Sci-fact Records
  • German experimental/drum & bass/psybreak/electronic producer Mark, aka Klon Dump – “Do The Dump” off of the upcoming split 12″ EP with Stopouts on Melbourne’s A Colourful Storm
  • Tel Aviv’s acid/techno/electro producer PRZ – “Time Over” from the third Angel of the “Angel series”, “Israfil” on the Scottish imprint Hilltown Disco                                                                                                                               
  • Finnish EBM/Industrial Techno/Acid producer Mikko Virtala, aka Viktor Kalima “Loyalty Beyond Reason” from the new cassette “Loyalty Beyond” on AMOK Tapes
  • French noise/techno/EBM/acid/electro producer Aurélien Arnaud, WARZOU “Eurostox” from the upcoming EP “Darkest Darkness” on Lyon-based KUMP label                                                                                                       
  • Antioquia, Colombia dark disco/new beat/electronic producer LAS CONFUSAS “Medellín PT 1-2”
  • Argentine experimental dark electronics artist Turvia – “Number & Indifference” from the upcoming album “The Mind Of A Mind Handler” on Infidel Bodies                                                                                                      
  • Russian industrial project of Dmitry Tolmatsky (1970-2009/RIP), DMT – Ultimatum (Mick Wills Edit) / Re-Mastered 2019 – from “DMT/JASSS – Mick Wills Edit & Cut (Re-Mastered 2019)” on Mosaique Records
  • French dark electronic/sci-fi/acid/electro DJ/producer (owner of New Flesh and Rave Or Die labels) from Lyon, UMWELT “The Invisible Enemy” 3-track 10″ on Linda Records
  • Vilnius-based Russian-born electronic producer (aka Ponty Mython) Alex Pletnev, aka Pletnev “Hope They Won’t Come Back (Lion’s Drums Remix)” from upcoming new EP “Voranto Bros” on V’s label Le Temps Perdue                                                                                                                                                                           
  • French electronic/rock’n’roll band from Marseille, Date With Elvis – “So Glad (Curses Remix)” from “First Date Remixes” EP on La dame Noir Records
  • Kiel, Germany electronic Dj/producer Rico Puestel – “Whether (Theus Mago Remix)” from upcoming EP ”Chicanery” on TAU                                                                                                                                                
  • Berlin-based New Yorker electronic/dark Italo/new wave/post-punk/coldwave/dark techno producer Luca Venezia aka CURSES “When The Vultures” from V/A “Traxx 002” on La Volta Ros                                                          
  • Berlin-based electronic/techno DJ,producer & composer NHOAH “Between Vienna And The Stars” on R.O.T – Records
  • Chicago-born/Brooklyn-based experimental electronic producer Max Ravitz, aka PATRICIA “House Place”   
  • Barcelona rave/techno duo Dj Frankie & Yozi, aka LOVERS ON SPEED “First Class Raver Girl”
  • France darkwave/dark electro/EBM /industrial techno collaboration between Toulouse‘s trio Blind Delon and Lyon‘s Timothée Gainet (aka Poison Point), Blind Delon & IV Horsemen – “I Live In Your Mind” from V/A “RAW Compilation II: Second Breath (part2)” on RAW
  • Lille, France industrial/EBM/electro/techno producer Terence Fixmer “Always Through” (unreleased 2005) from upcoming V/A “Previously Undisclosed Rituals III” on Veyl                                                                             
  • German industrial/noise electronic/dark techno project of Bleib Modern‘s Philipp Läufer aka WAR SCENES “Belle Fourrure” from upcoming V/A “No Emotion” on Dissonanze Recordings
  • Grenoble, France dark electronics/EBM/rave/acid/industrial producer Maxime Fabre, aka Crystal Geometry “Killing Dance Sorcery (Original mix)” from “Hexa Hexes” EP on RND. Records
  • Greek industrial / dark electronic artist Boris Barksdale “Sinalco”                                                                                
  • Madrid, Spain experimental/EBM/industrial/dark electronics producer ToNoVoX “Dark Hole” new single on Contubernio Records
  • Bologna, Italy industrial/new beat/acid/dark minimal electronic project of Nicolò Stefanelli, aka YUEGA “Giaguaro Nero” from debut cassette “Untitled” EP
  • Berlin-based experimental/industrial/techno/electronic collaboration between New Yorker producer Lee Douglas (aka An-i) and Greek producer and Liber Null label co-founder Manos Simotas (aka Unhuman), AN – I + Unhuman – “Hate Thy Neighbor” off of new 12″ EP on L.i.e.s Records
  • English-born, Melbourne-based acid electronic techno music producer dyLAB – “A Fat Little Insect (White Magik remix)” from cassette album “Dances on all Fours” on SOIL
  • French electro producer from Grenoble, Michel Amato aka The Hacker “Chelsea Boots” from “Nancy” EP on Electronic Emergencies
  • UK experimental/dub/noise/bass/drone/electronic brainchild of Justin Broadrick (Godflesh/Jesu/JK Flesh) and Kevin Martin (The Bug/King Midas Sound), ZONAL “Wrecked” title-track of the Relapse Records‘ double debut album
  • Swedish ambient/drone/avant garde/experimental composer MARIA W HORN – “Epistasis” title-track of the upcoming album on Hallow Ground                                                                                                                              
  • Southern Germany organ disco two-man band OTTO – ”Auto-Disco” from the upcoming album “Over The Top Orchester” on Bureau B