WL//WH Video Of The Day: TRAIT D’UNION “Ticket”

Track Of The Day TRAIT D’UNION

The fervent Toulouse, in the deep South of France, has recently been in the spotlight, music-wise, for a heap of artists/DJs, Record Labels and dance-style productions, a melting-pot of Italo, New Beat, Indie Dance, Downtempo, and much more, it’s been a while since I’ve been around there, my father was born in those Occitane regions, and I can assure you that when it comes to fun and nightlife, also combined with excellent cuisine, has nothing to envy to more popular spots,

Even if not as rich as Rennes or obviously Paris, Toulouse could not miss as well some outfits that explore more tormented, cold and obscure sonic territories, best known certainly Blind Delon, as the more enigmatic, likely solo project, Trait D’union.

On his third EP, since September 2022, titled “Corbeille Vide”, the act delivers a Punk-fueled monochromatic and minimal brand of moody Post-Punk intensity and dry, obsessive, at times bouncy, Coldwave melancholy with dramatic vocal strains.

The 2-tracker opens with the frenzy and turbulent Electro-Punk of “Quand je Sors”, but it’s the agonizing “Ticket” closest to my liking, reminds me of late ’80s Opéra de Nuit, powered by urgent clattering and skipping rhythm patterns laced with buzzing bassline undulations, whilst obsessive achingly prickly guitar echoes wander, along slowly eerie and desolate warped synth swathes, to torment powerful haunted airless vocals, unleashing restless angst into a cold chasm of pain-filled dread.