WL//WH Video Premiere: DON’T GET LEMON “Idle Eyes”

WL//WH Premiere Don’t Get Lemon

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the Official Music Video for the soul-stirring track “Idle Eyes” by AustinHouston, Texas-based Post-Punkers Austin Curtis, Nicholas Ross, and Bryan Walters, AKA Don’t Get Lemon, who have recently released, through CA/DC DIY record collective à La Carte Records, the Cassette Edition of last year’s 5-track EP “Forward Not Forgetting”, we reviewed, along with a band’s interview, here.

Pounding, crashing off-tempo beats rumble and echo mechanically around an organic, crystalline bass line, throbbing pain into distorted abrasion, while numb, atmospheric male vocals somberly travel through a barrage of subconscious memories pierced by icy bright synth swathes slow expansion inducing an intense trance state of detached bliss.

Nostalgic lyrics contemplate loved ones through a mature lens, wiping away the stains of familial perfection and letting disillusionment set in.

Superb directing and editing techniques transform an efficiency loft into an alternate dimension, where spectators and performers dance in an underwater world of hypnotic motion eerily in sync with the lysergic soundtrack. Spinning auras of coloured light float and breath a magical essence into fragmented reflections of life, existing spectre-like in a surreal recollection, while archaic symbols from past generations lie dormant in the shadows of sentiment and hope to draw a sentient reality of timeless connection.

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