WL//WH Track Of The Day: PAINTED ROMANS “The Cold Delight”

Track Of The Day Painted Romans

Purveyor of the 90s Norwegian underground dark scene with new wave outfit Wallpaper Silhouettes, formed in 1993, Trondheim‘s singer-songwriter Mats Davidsen is back to turn up the heat of a nuanced post-punk sound under the moniker of Painted Romans at the end of the first decade of the 2000s, culminating, also after a collaboration with fellow coldwaver Antipole, with last October 6-track mini-LP “Heart”, his first proper studio album in ten years, which marks a return to his formative musical roots of late 80s, exploring different shades of it with a modern twist.

The brand new single, “The Cold Delight” via Shaky Sky Music, recorded as a three-piece band, with the addition of former Wallpaper Silhouettes member Jan Ottar Nystad (synth, guitar), and Thomas Sejnæs (bass), veers towards intense and poignant gothic rock leanings ala Fields of Nephilim, with martial rhythmic drive, abrasive neurotic guitar on the forefront, shrouded in a veneer of lush goth romance infused by the baritone alluring vocalizations.

Relentless slashing drum machines along with off-tempo mechanical kicks, goth-blackened stabbing guitar riffs and searing wails chase unsightly, self-loathing dramatic moods, ignited by alarming icy synth swirling atop of deep desperate, emotional vocals found struck by a crisis of humanity, condemned by grievous suffering, self-damnation, and overwhelming guilt from wicked sins.

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